MJBizCon is undoubtedly the the world's largest cannabis industry trade show. Held each year in Las Vegas, MJBiz brings over 1100 exhibitors and over 20,000 attendees representing 75 countries to an incredible business conference and expo. It's a place for industry leaders, celebrities, and emerging entrepreneurs alike to gather - so much so, that now there is an official MJBizCon Day in the city and the entire week is referred to as Las Vegas Cannabis Week.

But what you really need to know about MJBiz is how to get through this massive event in one piece, and on the road to success. For that, cannabis creator Ken Ahbus has your ultimate survival guide here.

The MJBizCon show floor (C) Ken Ahbus

How Do I Survive MJBizCon?

It’s that time of the year when the cannabis industry asks each other the age-old question – Will I see you in Vegas?

We don’t ask each other that because we’re all a bunch of degenerate gamblers (actually, only some of us are!), but because every year tens of thousands of cannabis professionals descend on Vegas for the big kahuna of conferences, MJBizCon.

This will be my fifth time attending MJBizCon, hosted by MJBiz Daily, and I’ve got my annual trip to Vegas down to a science. In the past I made a ton of mistakes that you may want to avoid. I’ve discovered a few hacks to make your Vegas experience even better.

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Unless you are a masochist, leave the heels/fancy shoes at home.

When you are picking out shoes to pack, ask yourself, “Would I want to walk a half marathon in these shoes?” If the answer is no, do not pack the shoes. With over 1400 exhibitors, that is a lot of walking if you want to see them all (which you do). Last year I walked 13 miles on the first day.

The monorail is your friend

If you are staying on the Las Vegas Strip, the monorail is not only a convenient but also a cheap way to get to/from the convention center. Save the Uber for visiting a dispensary, but to get to the conference I highly recommend the monorail. You can even get a multi-day pass to cover your time in Vegas.

There’s usually a long line at the convention center Starbucks

Plan your caffeine accordingly. The conference center should have plenty of soda/energy drinks as a substitute for waiting in line. Depending on the time of day, you can also get free coffee on the expo floor.

Be okay with a mediocre lunch

Food isn’t included in this conference. There are a few options at the conference center, but they have the standard fare of burgers, chicken tenders, pizza. It’s fine food but overpriced. It is what it is. Alternatively, there are food trucks that park right outside the main entrance. Otherwise, the conference is a bit out of the way from food.

(C) Ken Ahbus
(C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Say yes, but know your limit

Everyone likes to have fun, but no one likes the person who has too much fun. Too much fun that they do something super embarrassing for their company. Too much fun that they are industry gossip. This is a work conference, not the sequel to The Hangover. You wanna show Vegas who's boss? Do it, but not during this conference.

Business Cards, QR Cards, and Chargers

Bring, bring, and bring. If you don’t want to bring a biz card, make yourself one with one of those QR code contact cards like O’Hi. I use my phone a lot during the conference and always find myself needing a charge around 2-3pm. With limited plugs and chargers, bringing a portable phone charger is a must.

I hope this list helps you have an incredible time at MJBizCon.

If you see me in Vegas please say high :)


Ken Ahbus is a New Yorker that loves cannabis and the drama of the industry. He sells clothing sometimes. For more information, visit kenahbus.com.

MJBizCon will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center November 15-18, 2022. For tickets and information, visit mjbizconference.com.

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Featured image: Welcome to MJBizCon! (C) Ken Ahbus