Khalifa Kush and Cresco Labs announce exclusive partnership agreement to bring Wiz's OG strain to California. Wiz Khalifa, multi-platinum-selling, GRAMMY® and Golden Globe® Award-nominated recording artist, expands into Khalifa Kush's own back yard. Through the cultivation and product collaboration partnership, FloraCal Farms and Continuum will be the sole producer and distributor, respectively, of premium branded products featuring Khalifa Kush’s signature “KK” strain in California.

Wiz Khalifa brings namesake OG strain to California

“Wiz Khalifa has been a longtime advocate for cannabis legalization, with a namesake OG strain beloved by many in other states. Today, we’re thrilled to bring his brand to cannabis lovers and his fans in California,” said David Gacom, West Region Regional President at Cresco Labs. “We’re focused on bringing a curated portfolio of leading brands to California retailers, and Khalifa Kush is a natural addition with its focus on delivering top quality cannabis. We’re excited to work with the talented Khalifa Kush team to grow its cannabis and commercialize its products.”

"We're excited to launch Khalifa Kush in California with Cresco Labs, we've been working for years on this project." said Wiz Khalifa. "The KK grown at FloraCal is the best I've smoked and can't wait for the people of California to enjoy the original KK."

Khalifa Kush and best-in-class cultivation

“FloraCal Farms and Continuum, with their best-in-class cultivation capabilities and significant scale and penetration, have proven to be the premier cultivator and distribution platform in the largest and most competitive market in the country, and we’re honored to partner with their teams to expand Khalifa Kush’s footprint in California,” said DJ Saul, CEO of Khalifa Kush.

Initial products available to California consumers will include flower and pre-rolls, with an expanded line to arrive later in the year. Khalifa Kush products will be sold exclusively at Cookies stores at launch, with expansion to additional retail partners throughout the year.

What are the effects of Khalifa Kush cannabis strain?

As a marijuana strain directly from one of the biggest weed rappers in the game, the expectations are HIGH. But what kind of high? First thing to hit you is the flavor. Flavor for days. Something sweet first but then an earthiness rests on your tongue as an after taste. This is a weed strain for the Cannasseur. The hybrid flower leans sativa in it's effects but comes with a body buzz familiar to those who enjoy strain type leaning Indaca. The head high is very energetic; again this shouldn't be a surprise as something that a high output emcee smokes all day every day. Dry mouth? No worries of cotton mouth here.

For those of you who have had Khalifa Kush in Las Vegas and other legal markets, get ready to enjoy this choice strain, KK, in Cali!

Can I get Khalifa Kush online? Khalifa Kush near me.

If you live In Arizona, Nevada or Utah; yes. California and Michigan coming very soon. Los Angeles by the end of the month!

Where is the best place to shop?

If you want that Kush Wiz Khalifa, join the Strain launch this month! Cookies Maywood will host the launch party Jan 28th.

Which locations are the most convenient?

Cookies will be the only locations that offer Khalifa Kush in California initially, so look up your local Cookies.

Does KK and OJ mix?

For the fans, Wiz Khalifa Kush and orange juice, or Kush and OJ Wiz Khalifa are a definite mix to be tried. For bonus points play the song at the same time.

About Khalifa Kush

Khalifa Kush products were first commercialized in the U.S. in 2015 by global icon Wiz Khalifa. The company has achieved continued growth and success by focusing on high quality and highly sought-after products in legalized cannabis markets. The Khalifa Kush brand offers a growing lineup of flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, and concentrates, powered by proprietary genetics, in partnership with Compound Genetics. Khalifa Kush is available in select markets including Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Learn more about the upcoming California launch, Michigan launch and shop apparel at KHALIFAKUSH.COM.