The Trailblazing Genius of Duke Ellington

In light of the recent Black Lives Matter movement, the owner of the Washington Redskins, Daniel Snyder, said that they are planning to change the team's name, referring to it as “disparaging...


On the Need for Health Justice in the Prison System

By Shawanna Vaughn and Michelle Mason In need of a life-saving bone marrow transplant for leukemia and positive for COVID, DeReta Steverson, incarcerated at the California Institution for Women (CIW), is still...


The Power of Sadcoms

By Cat Luo The cultural landscape has, over the past few years, witnessed the rise of “sadcoms,” or, shows that take on the structure of the classic “sitcom” or situational comedy genre...



We Must March Until “Freedom Rings”

By Michael Morris For me, this past decade has been defined by cold Black bodies, names turned into hashtags, and mothers crying on TV. The resentment and distrust that built up over all...


#JewishPrivilege is Reductive, Divisive and Dangerous

On the 12th of July, my friend messaged me saying, “Whatever you do, don’t check Twitter.” Confused, I texted back, asking, “Why shouldn’t I?” “There’s this hashtag trending, #JewishPrivilege,” she replied. “I spent...


August’s Tarot Draw: The Lovers

Image: The Lovers - A summer fling could add heat to your August. If you’re in the market for a new romance, the Lovers bodes well. Even with social distancing still the norm...


Reading Beyond Headlines: An Analysis of Media’s Diction

Image: Merch HuseyThe American Press Institute conducted a study in 2018 regarding American habits of news consumption. A significant number of participants in the study admitted to only reading headlines and skimming news stories throughout...


“I Hope You’re Doing Well”: A Documentary Review

Image: @Covid_19_Chronicle“I Hope You Are Doing Well” is a 40-minute documentary about resilience and community during these unprecedented times. The documentary premiered on the 24th of July. Filmed by a group of students from the Columbia...


Cooking with Cannabis: Featuring; Sunbeam Edibles

Cecilia Leigh HowardWhen did you start cooking with cannabis ? I started cooking with cannabis 5 years ago, I have always loved to prepare healthy delicious food for my family and friends. Cooking with...

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