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AFrofuturism, Black History Month

Afrofuturism: Legacy and Resurgence

The Afrofuturism Conference  at the 32nd annual Zora Festival traced the history of Afrofuturism from its origins to its manifestations in society today. The conference examined the history of Afrofuturism with a special...

essential films black history month

Five Essential Films To Watch This Black History Month

Films are a great way for people to educate themselves and learn more about the rich history of Black and African-American people.  Black filmmakers and artists have created some powerful, informative, and deeply...

Psychedelic Sex on Psychedelics MDMA LSD 2B-C

What It’s Like to Have Sex on Psychedelics

Sex on Psychedelics Synthetic Drugs Sex on a psychedelic like MDMA can be the magical elixir for perfect sex. MDMA (aka Molly or Ecstacy) provides hallucinogenic and stimulant effects. Sasha Shulgin is an...

anti-asian hate crimes protest

The Alarming Spike in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes 

At the beginning of 2021, Asian households celebrated the Lunar New Year in solitude, with an underlying current of tragedy and fear triggered by the alarming rise in hate crimes targeting Asian Americans....

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