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afro samurai anime

On Anime Fans in the Black Community

At the height  of the quarantine when COVID-19 was at its worst, my routine consisted of a rotation of three shows: "HunterxHunter," "My Hero Academia," and "Fairytale." They were anime shows suggested to...

Mushrooms with the outline of a tongue over them.

Shrooms vs. Acid

Magic mushrooms and acid are among the most well known of the classic psychedelics, but oftentimes, those who are curious to trip for the first time may not fully understand the difference between...


The Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo—once praised for his response to the pandemic and for bickering with his brother on live television—is now under investigation after numerous sexual assault allegations.  Sexual Assault Accusations Against Cuomo Current and...

“Gorgon: A Horror Story”: A Review

“Gorgon: A Horror Story”: A Review

I love Medusa. As far as I am concerned, she is a feminist icon. Medusa is so often misunderstood. She is so much more than a 'monster' will snakes for hair. When I...

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