Get ready for the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent because RuPaul's Drag Race Season 16 has come back onto our screens, now exclusively on MTV. The first episode, "Rate-a-Queen," brought us the first seven queens who graced the Werk Room with their fabulous looks, fierce talents, and, the promise of drama. Actress Charlize Theron added star power as a guest judge, making the premiere even more fabulous.

The queens are competing for the coveted title, a $200,000 cash prize, and a one-year supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills products. The stakes are high, and the queens are ready to battle it out in the ultimate drag showdown.

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Meet the Queens: Werk Room Entrances and Rate-a-Queen

The first set of queens hit the Werk Room in style, and the "Rate-a-Queen" talent show was their time to shine. These queens are not here to play – they're here to slay! With diverse talents and killer looks, the first half of this season's cast promises to be one for the Drag Race herstory books.

Meet Q


Entrance Line: "Q the music because the show is about to start."

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Q is a skilled design queen who knows how to serve body and presence. Finishing in the top 2, Q is not just an artist but a diva with a creative vision. "The only letter in the alphabet you need to know" – she's ready to take the crown.

Meet Xunami Muse


Entrance Line: "The natural disaster has arrived."

This Panamanian New York-based look queen channels '90s supermodel vibes, serving face and runway realness. With inspiration from Naomi Campbell, Xunami is the epitome of "la diva de Nueva York."

Meet Amanda Tori Meating


Entrance Line: "Wait a second, this place doesn't have a bidet."

Quirky and mysterious, Amanda Tori Meating brings theatrical energy and comedic charm. Her office look entrance sets the tone for her unique style and vibrant personality.

Meet Morphine Love Dion

Entrance Line: "Holis! The beauty and the booty is here... A darlo todo."

As the "Latina goddess of Miami," Morphine gives looks with influences from Shakira and Kali Uchis. She's the proclaimed "BBL Queen" ready to bring drama and curves to the competition.

Meet Sapphira Cristál


Entrance Line: *Spooky laugh and noises*... “I think this place is haunted."

Philly's "Grande Diva" Sapphira impresses with a cobalt blue feathered number and a powerful opera voice. Her multifaceted talents make her a standout competitor.

Meet Dawn


Entrance Line: "Rise and shine m*therf*ckers, it's Dawn."

The "ethereal elf goddess of Brooklyn," Dawn, brings unique fantasy-inspired drag, showcasing creativity and design skills. She's here to go head-to-head with the best.

Meet Mirage


Entrance Line: "I hope you trash bags are ready to lose."

Legs of Las Vegas, Mirage, stirs the pot with a colorful stripper-meets-burlesque vibe. Drama ensues as the queens react to her entrance line – it's clear she's here to make a statement.

Mini Challenge and Drama Unleashed

Mama Ru surprises the queens with a new photoshoot concept, using regular porch items like packages, rakes, and lawnmowers. The queens have to pose the house down through a doorbell camera. Sapphira Cristal snatches the win, taking home $2500 and establishing herself as the queen to watch.

As the queens de-drag, friendships form, and drama begins to simmer. The Werk Room is buzzing with tension and excitement.

Charlize Theron's Sweet Surprise

As the queens prepare for the main challenge, Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron strolls in with a bunch of cookies. The queens literally eat it up as they gear up for the talent show judging.

Maxi Challenge: MTV Spring Break Tribute

Mama Ru reveals the maxi challenge – a tribute to classic MTV spring break The queens are vying for immunity, which hasn't been on the show since Season 5. With the iconic "You Better Werk Bitch!" catchphrase, the talent show kicks off, hosted by Britney Spears! (JK, it's Derrick Barry - world-renowned Britney impersonator and Drag Race alum of Season 8 and All Stars Season 5.)

Outstanding Performances

Morphine takes the lead with a lip-sync to Rosalia, revealing her Latina roots in an all-red ensemble that wows the judges. Amanda Tori Meating brings the laughs with a quirky comedy song, showcasing her unique personality. Dawn delivers a quirky performance with the pit crew boys, while Mirage heats things up with a stripper-meets-burlesque act, complete with clacking heels and floor work. Xunami delivers a rap lip-sync dance, while Q steals the show with a puppet playhouse performance, leaving everyone cackling with her unexpected and hilarious routine. Sapphira captivates with her talented opera voice and a comedic twist, earning applause from the judges.

Runway: "RuVeal Yourself"

The queens strut their stuff on the runway with outfits that reveal a spectacle underneath:

Dawn reveals herself in a yeti-inspired outfit. Morphine unravels a towel to unveil a stunning bikini underneath. Mirage had a “burrito-like” feather combo that revealed boobs – which she shook the house down with. Amanda Tori Meating transforms from a doll to a three-boobed purple alien stripper monster. Sapphira had a victorian age outfit with a boob reveal too. Xunami stripped down three layers of red outfits - from trench coat to leather dungeon outfit. Q mesmerizes as Maleficent, transitioning into a colorful butterfly, showcasing her incredible talent in "whore-eography."


After receiving critiques from the judges, the queens were sent off to rank each other — and that is the tea! Q and Sapphira emerged as the top two, setting the stage for a lip-sync battle to Beyonce's "Break My Soul."

Episode 1 Maxi Challenge Winner

Q and Sapphira delivered a lip-sync performance that left everyone shook. Sapphira emerged victorious once again, securing her place as a fierce competitor with a cash prize of $7,500, including the mini-challenge winnings.

This season promises to rock the "mothertucking world," with episodes airing every Friday at 8 pm on MTV. Buckle up, because the drama, talent, and unexpected moments have only just begun in the fabulous world of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 16!


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