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Honeysuckle is proud to present a new running column by Mang-Yee Reverie. Known to many as a radio personality hosting programming on FLO 107.1 FM in Denver and on Wu-Tang Radio, Mang-Yee considers herself a "hip hop historian" who is simultaneously an entrepreneur, brand and marketing strategist, promoter, photographer, public speaker, and so much more. Growing up in an extended family of music icons including Redman, Method Man, Havoc, and the Wu-Tang Clan, she has been an integral part of the development of hip hop culture from a young age. She is also known for her work building cannabis brands that have launched in multi-state markets, such as Method Man's Tical, The Honeybee Collective, and High Society. New Yorkers will soon be able to enjoy products from Joe Meets Jane Coffee, Mang-Yee's new infused beverage line, which she's bringing to market with state-licensed processor HPI Canna. A mother of three, she is dedicated to educating young people and is currently writing a children's book on hip hop. Readers can learn more about Mang-Yee in Honeysuckle's latest print edition, now available.

We are thrilled for Mang-Yee to share her never-been-told stories from behind the scenes of hip hop's biggest cultural moments. She begins with one dear to her heart, from her Wu-Tang Clan brothers on their most recent tour.

Mang-Yee Reverie at the Oakland, CA show at the end of the first leg of Wu-Tang Clan's "New York State of Mind" tour in 2022. The 2022 tour officially concluded with a historic show at the famous Hollywood Bowl. (C) Mang-Yee Reverie / Wu-Tang Radio

Behind The Beats: Growing Up In Hip Hop

As a radio personality I’ve become very accustomed to attending an array of concerts for both business and pleasure. My love for music and radio spans back to a childhood as a military kid, moving almost every three years on the money.

Occasional trips back home to New York, and Panama, where my mother hails from, kept me connected to what was current in music no matter how far away from the United States the military took us. Hip hop was always the one thing that felt like home. It literally raised me.

As life has it for most of us, our dreams stay just that, reveries. It was much later in my existence that I realized I wasn’t fulfilling my life’s passion, took a gamble, and gave the radio a go. That has led me on many escapades, as I’ve spent the last seven years hosting programming on FLO 107.1 FM in Denver and the last year and a half on Wu-Tang Radio. But today I’d like to focus on my adventures with the “Wu.”

Poster for the Wu-Tang Clan's "New York State of Mind" tour at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, featuring Nas and De La Soul (C) Mang-Yee Reverie / Wu-Tang Radio

Life With The Wu-Tang Clan

I’ve been touring alongside Redman, Method Man, and the Wu-Tang Clan on and off for the last decade. I have had the pleasure of seeing them perform in venues all around the world, in countries one could only dream of seeing. The common denominator I noticed in every city visited was the love and appreciation the fans have for the group to this day and vice versa.

There will never be another collective like The Wu-Tang Clan. A conglomerate of such different personalities and individuals that complement each other in the most perfect of ways is a rare occurrence.

Over the years, I’ve watched so many different renditions of the albums and shows. Ranging from sets with rock, to watching The Abbot RZA write, compose, and perform a whole symphony at the prestigious Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. There are no limits to what I’ve seen this group of incredible musicians do; they never cease to amaze me.

Mang-Yee Reverie and DJ Maseo of De La Soul behind the scenes of the "New York State of Mind" 2023 tour (C) Mang-Yee Reverie / Wu-Tang Radio
U-God of the Wu-Tang Clan and Mang-Yee Reverie (C) Mang-Yee Reverie / Wu-Tang Radio

The Wu-Tang Clan's "New York State Of Mind" 2023 Tour: Featuring De La Soul And Nas

When the “New York State of Mind" tour was announced following a frightening year adjusting to life post COVID, I was elated! It had been some time since I saw the squad plan and execute a massive tour. Adding the likes of Nas, and De La Soul sealed the deal for the public and the show sold out night after night. The tour graced the likes of North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. It was so successful in the first round in 2022, that 2023 was a no-brainer.

De La Soul's Unreleased Tracks

This tour wasn’t your typical run of show, where one act comes out, performs, then the next artist blesses the stage and the concert ends. Instead, the NYSOM Tour was an experience. Kicking off the show was De La Soul, performing a catalog that until recently wasn’t available on streaming platforms due to an outdated record label contract. De La Soul took us back to the beginning and paid beautiful tribute to the third of their trio, “Trugoy the Dove,” who passed earlier this year.

Wu-Tang Clan Classics

They were followed by The Wu. The members performed songs from their solo projects and fan favorites from all the Wu-Tang classic albums; songs like “C.R.E.A.M.,” “Protect Ya Neck,” and solo classics were a big part of the set! The energy was electrifying. I watched the crowd night after night sing along and throw up the Wu in excitement.

Nas Brings Audiences Back To Queensbridge

Nas came out next and I was breathless as he performed songs from all his LPs. With the amazing graphics taking us back in time to his Queensbridge tales that captivated the world so long ago, he was also a crowd favorite. The graphics that played behind Nas added to the allure of the show, portraying scenes of New York City, very fitting for a tour about the constant "New York State of Mind."

Both Wu-Tang and Nas performed multiple sets, alternating back and forth in sequence. The crowd ranged from youngsters learning about these musical giants from their parents or older siblings to little old ladies also singing along. Between 2022-23 the Tour had a total of approximately 57 stops, which means the guys have spent the past two years basically on the road. They need a break, but I can only hope they do a third run and add another New York legend to the lineup!

Mang-Yee Reverie and Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan (C) Mang-Yee Reverie / Wu-Tang Radio

"New York State Of Mind" Memories: Method Man Remembers DMX

For me, my favorite part of the tour was the time spent with my family. I have close friendships with all the individual members. We would converse about what they liked and disliked about the sets; sometimes I’d get lucky and they’d tell stories about their first shows, and how that felt compared to now.

Method Man always has good anecdotes. He told a story this round, about DMX and some extracurricular activities on a very famous particular tour they’d been on alongside Redman and other legends. We laughed as he told the story as DMX himself had told me this tale once and I could only smile as they had both remembered the memory the same. All the guys have similar chronicles of the last 20-plus years; hearing their memories is always my favorite part of the tours.

The crowds do it for all of us, so post-show we’d reminisce about how excited each city’s crowd was. A lot of new memories for me this round, as I’ve been present for over a decade and it never feels the same.

There's one thing for sure, Wu-Tang is Forever. Salute to the Squad. Their tour has made the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop a memorable one for fans all around the world.

Mang-Yee Reverie and Method Man (C) Mang-Yee Reverie / Wu-Tang Radio
(C) Mang-Yee Reverie / Wu-Tang Radio


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Featured image: Mang-Yee Reverie with Method Man (left) and U-God (right) of the Wu-Tang Clan behind the scenes of the Clan's "New York State of Mind" 2023 tour (C) Mang-Yee Reverie / Wu-Tang Radio