Maha Haq has dedicated over a decade to the commercial cannabis space. An independent consultant for retailers, consumption lounges, brands, and events, Maha has a proven track record of successful projects with multi-state operators and high-profile cannabis companies. She takes on multiple roles in the industry, from advocacy leadership to instruction, and is also well known for her Twitch series “Dabby Hour,” which she livestreams Monday through Thursday at 7PM PST.

Maha Haq (C) Judd Weiss @juddweiss

Maha Haq's "Dabby Hour" On Twitch

“Dabby Hour” features a collection of Toro glass and an assortment of dabbing devices. Maha unboxes, reacts to, and honestly reviews cannabis products in real time, and keeps count of her dabs on her trusty puff counter. As a cannabis industry commentator, Maha delves into the latest cannabis trends, news, and culture, offering insightful discussions.

Maha Haq: Cannabis Education, Advocacy, And Science

Starting her cannabis career in 2012, Maha has professional experience in the entire supply chain, having worked for cannabis dispensaries, deliveries, grows, and testing labs throughout Los Angeles. She currently sits on the board of Los Angeles NORML, is an instructor for cannabis science classes at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, and notably serves as a Head Coach for the Social Equity Development Program within the City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation, where she guides social equity business operators as a resource for licensees.

In 2018, Maha founded Cannaclub at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), a collegiate organization focusing on cannabis education, advocacy, and opportunities for students. Under Maha’s leadership, Cannaclub expanded to over 30 universities across the nation with over 6,000 members. She also served as a researcher at the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative. Maha has her Master’s of Science in pharmacological sciences, concentrating on Medical Cannabis Sciences and Therapeutics at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, the nation’s first graduate program studying cannabis. Her undergraduate studies were in Sociology and Mathematics.

Maha Haq with Puffco device (C) Maha Haq

Maha Haq's Immersive Cannabis Journey Weedsday Playlist

For her Weedsday Playlist, Maha takes us through her personalized dabby elevation tour.Get High with HighMaha! This playlist embodies the journey of the cannabis high—chill, wavy, elevated, and vibey. Drawing from my personal affinity for cloud rap and bass music, this collection combines timeless favorites that have accompanied my highs over the years, with fresh tracks that have recently caught my ear. The playlist warms up with the transcendent ‘Location,’ speeds up the pace with ‘spend the money,’ and slows back down with ‘Purple Swag.’ By the time we reach the aptly titled ‘So High,’ we find ourselves blissfully elevated. Rounding out the playlist, we come down with a deep cut, ‘Con/fusion.’ Crafted to mirror the phases of a cannabis high, this playlist is best heard on a quality sound system for an immersive sensory experience.”

Playboi Carti - "Location"

“Location” is one of my all-time favorites and one of Playboi Carti’s best songs. How can one truly encapsulate the essence of this masterpiece? It cruises the listener to a dreamy, atmospheric, and uplifting mindset. The ethereal sounds blast off to a heavenly, almost unattainable high. It embodies the ineffable with its impeccable production. The majestic, magical, and upbeat vibe transports you to another dimension. It is an escape, an exploration, a spiritual connection that I find myself returning to time and time again. This will forever be a track I turn on when I seek to get elevated.

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Fousheé Featuring Lil Uzi Vert - "spend the money"

Fousheé’s genre-bending collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert intertwines contemporary nostalgia with indie and alternative influences. It juxtaposes upbeat tempos and slow raps that resonate as nihilistic yet egotistic. This perfect contradiction is further enriched by its clever and catchy oxymorons. Each line poses a challenge, leading me to contemplate and anticipate what might follow. The song is a reflection of the contradictions we all hold within ourselves. It embraces the highs and lows which I associate with weed. It draws the listener into a state of introspection while still maintaining high energy.

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A$AP Rocky - "Purple Swag"

A$AP Rocky brought a fresh sound into the rap scene in the 2010s. As one of my favorite rappers, his influence has inspired my love for music and fostered a more personal connection with weed. I still vividly recall smoking Grand Daddy Purple for the first time while listening to this song when it was released in 2011. I love pairing this song with purple flowers to create an immersive experience where everything is purple. On my Twitch stream, I've incorporated a soundbite alert featuring the low-pitched “smoke” that opens the track. More than just a song, it's a symbol, a mood, and a memory that serves as a mystical reminder of that unique musical moment.

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Doja Cat - "So High"

A sultry Doja Cat classic, this song is an ode to smokers. I used to blast this song in my car as I made deliveries and went from one smoke sesh to another back in 2014. It exudes a distinctly feminine feeling that complements the grace of the female cannabis plant. It reflects my high lyric by lyric as she sings, with weed indeed on my mind. The music video also features Doja Cat dressed as the Hindu god, Shiva, who used cannabis as one of the sacred herbs to attain peace. Likewise, smoking to this song brings me peace. It fuses sensuality and spirituality and continues to inspire and resonate with me.

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*Did you know? Jushi Holdings' Creative Director Dre Neumann also chose "So High" for his Weedsday Playlist. Check out his selections here.

Blackdown Featuring Farrah - "Con/Fusion"

This profoundly deep selection of UK dubstep from producer and DJ Blackdown resonates with heavy vibes for a full-body comedown. Rich in cultural influences, the track weaves a unique tapestry of sound that pays homage to my roots. The fusion of Indian instruments like the sitar, the tabla, and the soft raga vocals creates a mesmerizing blend. At its heart lies the bassline, acting as a grounding force to keep the listener anchored amidst the intoxicating Indian symphony. Overlaying this is a familiar synth, tinged with an eerie dissonance that fills the listener with an enthralling sense of dread. The overall experience is one of bittersweet longing when a blissful high comes to an inevitable end.

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