Today, November 8th, the Cannabis Media Council, a pioneering trade association advocating for mainstream cannabis awareness, is launching its groundbreaking "I’m High Right Now" Public Service Announcement (PSA) on Pornhub across all 50 states. The 24-hour takeover lasts until midnight EST. This strategic move represents a significant milestone in the evolving landscape of cannabis advertising, facilitated through a partnership with TrafficJunky, a platform enabling cannabis companies to promote their products in a market traditionally resistant to such promotions.

What Is Cannabis Media Council's "I'm High Right Now" Campaign?

"I’m High Right Now," the award-winning PSA, is an inclusive and lighthearted portrayal of how older generations are integrating cannabis into their daily lives. This campaign aims to amplify the voices of middle-aged and older individuals who have turned to cannabis, particularly after enduring decades of prohibition and stigmatization. The ad features a couple, emphasizing how cannabis has revitalized their passion and intimacy in the bedroom. (Among its honors, "I'm High Right Now" has won four Clio Cannabis Awards and two Clio Shortlists, and was the first cannabis advertisement to run in Vanity Fair.)

Amy Deneson, co-founder of the Cannabis Media Council, expressed her enthusiasm about this pioneering move. She highlighted the importance of addressing the older demographic and fostering responsible cannabis advertising. "The Cannabis Media Council continues to break barriers," she stated. "First, by launching a pro-cannabis campaign that talks directly to our elders of the Baby Boomer audience about how they can thrive with cannabis. Next, by issuing industry standards for responsible cannabis advertising. Now, we are utilizing mediums and technology previously inaccessible to cannabis companies to strategically reach a valuable target audience of cannabis consumers. In addition to educating an older population about the potential amorous effects of cannabis, we hope this campaign will also teach others in the cannabis industry about the advertising channels open to them on a national scale.”

Cannabis Brands On Pornhub: TrafficJunky Speaks To Progressive Marketing On Adult Platforms

While “I’m High Right Now” is the first pro-cannabis PSA ad to run on Pornhub in every state, the adult website has a proven history of being a helpful advertising medium for cannabis brands. In a recent example outlined in the Cannabis Media Council's "Full Spectrum: Guidelines for Responsible Cannabis Advertising (2023)," a major cannabis company successfully utilized the TrafficJunky platform for a Pornhub-based ad campaign. The campaign served an impressive number of impressions (17,808,986) and achieved an exceptional click-through rate (8.12 percent) at an incredibly low cost-per-click ($0.01). This success showcases the untapped potential of adult websites as a lucrative advertising medium for the cannabis industry.

“In the U.S., every state has its own laws and guidelines for advertising cannabis online, and most platforms don’t accept cannabis campaigns; that is a real challenge for the industry as a whole,” said Christopher Marra, sales director of TrafficJunky. “At TrafficJunky, we focus on helping our advertisers create effective campaigns within legal states. We are one of the few platforms that allow cannabis brands, products, and dispensaries to advertise online and we offer a powerful suite of tools they can use to find their target audience.”

What's Next For "I'm High Right Now"? Cannabis Media Council Targets Michigan

Looking ahead, the "I’m High Right Now" Pornhub activation will exclusively target the state of Michigan on November 18th. This localized approach is aimed at celebrating Michigan's flourishing cannabis market while educating curious consumers about the benefits and potential of cannabis.

The Cannabis Media Council's innovative approach not only normalizes cannabis use, but also reshapes the narrative around responsible advertising practices within the industry. By leveraging unconventional platforms and pioneering partnerships, the Council is redefining how cannabis companies can reach their target audience and create meaningful conversations about the plant's diverse applications.

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