Lindsey Carmela Bartlett is an author, photographer, and social media editor who has documented the evolutionary cannabis industry for the past decade. Born in Denver, Colorado, today she resides in Long Beach, California.

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Who Is Author Lindsey Bartlett? From The Cannabist And MJBiz To The Emerald Cup And Hall Of Flowers

Bartlett is a current contributor at Forbes and Insider and a two-time judge at The Emerald Cup. Her career includes roles at The Denver Post and The Cannabist, which was the first cannabis publication ever founded by a Pulitzer Prize-winning daily newspaper. Her reporting grew to include an industry focus at MJBizDaily and Hemp Industry Daily, where Bartlett led social media coverage for MJBizCon, the largest cannabis business conference series in the world. She has taken on writing, social media, and editing roles at Weedmaps, Green Entrepreneur, High Times, Westword, Marijuana Moment, MJBizDaily, Leafly, and Merry Jane. Bartlett is a cannabis media fellow alumni of the UVM Pace Plant Biology program and the Associate Editor for industry trade show Hall of Flowers.

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Bartlett

Lindsey Bartlett's Fall Fantasy Weedsday Playlist

For her Weedsday Playlist, Bartlett provided just the right mise en scene, naturally: “It’s finally fall and the house is buzzing. There’s a thick and sultry amount of smoke filling the air. You know that glamourous moment when the beams of light hit the smoke swirls and life looks like a movie? That’s the vibe. The sesh smells like nutmeg, maple trees, Eucalyptus, and fresh Dahlias from the farmer’s market. The moon is high and so am I. Here are five of my current favorite sesh songs, roll up and enjoy.”

Divine Fits - "My Love Is Real"

There’s something about this striking beat that makes me want to blast this song and dance with a joint in my hand. It’s reminiscent of unrequited summer love, ideal for a slutty, bong rip in L.A. or a blunt in the desert. The vibes offer your smoke sesh a scent of hot, sticky, sweaty nights. Divine Fits is a hidden gem band that doesn’t get enough love for how amazing they are. This groovy, sexy song is proof. Favorite line: “So throw up your hands for south California/ And not a lot to lose.”

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Kirby - "Velvet"

The way Kirby sings “saucy” is burned into my brain. So seductive. It’s a down-tempo, sultry jam that sets the mood for a super cute smoke session with your nearest and dearest. Roll up some sweet, luscious green that feels like a romantic day trip for the mind. The song reminds me of a decadent, pricey, silky, smooth strain. Top-shelf shit. A splurge, like that from A Golden State: try Golden Apple or Mountain Shadows. Favorite line: “Now he know where the sauce is/Demi glaze saucing, ah.”

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Tonetta - "Drugs Drugs Drugs"

Is there a more iconic drug anthem than “Drugs Drugs Drugs” by Tonetta? I first heard this deep-cut while driving in a friend's van in Seattle to a show. It quickly became one of my favorite Slacker Rock songs of all time. The stoned music enthusiast forgives its choppy sound, after all, that metal-washed guitar is what makes Tonetta so timeless. It’s perfect for your freedom, fun, and ‘fuck it’ sessions. Always a crowd pleaser. Favorite line: “Gimme all your hash, I smoked all your grass.”

FKJ Featuring Bas - "Risk"

FKJ is one of the vibiest artists in the game. He has no peers, no competition. Originally from Tours, France, FKJ (short for French Kiwi Juice) now makes his hypnotic music from a home base of Paris, France. “Risk” can be found on FKJ’s 2022 album Vincent. From front to back, this album doesn’t disappoint. It’s ideal for setting the mood of the sesh: hip, satisfying, cozy, and elevated. Bas comes in and adds an effortless rap verse to this track that makes it spectacular. One of the best songs from both of these artists, because they are symbiotic and allow the other to shine. Favorite line: “Is this what they call the abyss?”

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*Editor's Note: Did you know? Kimberly Gamboa of Curaleaf chose FKJ and Masego's "Tadow" for her Weedsday Playlist. Click here for her selections. Find some more FKJ tunes to get high with here.

The Creation - "If I Stay Too Long"

In case the session is getting into the night, “If I Stay Too Long” by The Creation is the closer. This underrated 1960s band from England is perfect for the indica, end-of-the-night, deeply sedative sesh. This innovative band wrote the first rock song to feature a guitar played with a bow. The Creation is creative af. Put some Punch rosin in the Puffco and drift off into a cozy, chill evening sesh. Tell your friends they’ve stayed too long, in a nice way, and call it a night with this jam.

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