Kimberly Gamboa, Senior Director of Customer Experience, has been with leading multi-state operator Curaleaf for three years. Her roots in the cannabis industry date much further back in the legacy California market. She has been fortunate enough to work in many roles within the cannabis space, from plant-touching to licensing, operations, and marketing, giving her a well-rounded holistic view into many aspects of the industry and how far it has come over the years.

Kimberly Gamboa, Senior Director of Customer Experience for Curaleaf (C) Sydney Chernish @schernish

Who Is Kimberly Gamboa, Curaleaf's Senior Director of Customer Experience?

Gamboa is passionate about the profound health and wellness potential of the plant and how it is changing lives for the better, including her own. Her background in cannabis and over 15 years of experience in traditional retail and experiential marketing landed her a role with Select in 2019, tasked with expanding their visual footprint in California and through the brand’s expansion. She was brought onto the Curaleaf marketing team after the 2020 acquisition of Select, where she has shifted from the product brand side to heading up the Customer Experience department.

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Kimberly Gamboa's Motivational Weedsday Playlist

“I like music that makes me feel elevated to set the tone and my vibe when I am high,” Gamboa says. “I chose songs that get me motivated to take on the day, evoke inspiration and creativity, elevate my mood and make me feel nostalgic. Music is such an important aspect of set and setting, these songs bring me into the right headspace when I am incorporating cannabis into my daily rituals.”

Leikeli47 - "Girl Blunt"

If I had to choose my smoke session anthem for when I light up with my girls, this song would be it. Sets the tone for me to get into my baddie headspace and vibe out, and also works as a getting ready soundtrack. A classic must-have in any canna queen’s playlist; in the words of Leikeli47” “If they want smoke we can put it in the air, yeah.”

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Qveen Herby - "5d"

This song is all about leveling up to the next best version of yourself and cutting off those energies that are no longer in alignment with who you are. Qveen Herby is a canna friendly female singer and rapper who delivers fierce flows but also incorporates personal positivity into her lyrics. Cannabis has always been a big part of my self-care and glow-up journey, and this song is a bop, gets me motivated and ready to take on the day.

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Sa-Roc - "Forever"

As an artist Sar-Roc is incredible all around, but this song of hers in particular has become almost a daily mantra for me. It’s a reminder to keep working toward being the best version of yourself and to love who you are; don’t allow outside voices and influences to change your heart; and to keep your head up. It’s the kind of motivation I need to keep going even when life is stressful. My favorite line from the song is "Never claimed to be perfect, that’s an impossible dream, I’m just saying I'm worth it, that's the responsible thing." When I am having a personal session and getting into my ritual goddess space, this is my go-to song.

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J Dilla - "So Far To Go"

Honestly almost any J Dilla song gets me into a great headspace, but this song in particular evokes a level of nostalgia and feels like the sun touching your skin on a perfectly warm sunny day. As a hopeless romantic, this song makes me reminisce about young true love, picnics in the park on perfect weather days, and seeing the beauty all around us. When I am smoking and working in my garden, this track puts me into my instant daydream mode and makes the tasks at hand much more enjoyable. I would put this track in the category of an audible warm cozy blanket; it's impossible for me to be in a bad mood listening to this beautiful song. I also highly recommend the version with Common and D’Angelo for a sexier lyrical take.

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Click here to play the Common x D'Angelo version on Spotify!

FKJ And Masego - "Tadow"

Another beautiful track to put me into all the feels, sexy, vibey and dreamy. The perfect song for road trips, dancing with your eyes closed, feeling connected to your body and essence. The song has just such a great vibe and when you see the exchange of energy between the artists in the music video collaborating with various instruments and objects to make sounds, it's beyond captivating. The simple, beautiful lyrics make me feel like the love song is just for me and makes me feel beautiful in my skin. Add in a little cannabis and you have a potent recipe for an elevated experience.

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*Editor's Note: Did you know? "Tadow" is on our list of the best FKJ tunes to get high with - find the rest here. Masego also appeared on the track "Flight 99" by Please Wait, one of the songs activist Tengku Chanela Jamidah chose for her Weedsday Playlist, which you can check out here.

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