Cannabis and music are the perfect combination, with cannabis facilitating a deeper connection to music and elevating your perception of sounds. Of course, some bands are better for listening to while enjoying cannabis than others.

Next time you smoke a joint or pop a gummy, put on a record by one of these five bands.

Glass Animals (C) Amy Sussman / Wireimage, courtesy of IMDB

Glass Animals

If you’re lightly buzzed and looking for a sweet, mellow, and “gooey” tone, Glass Animals is the perfect band to put on. Blending satisfying EDM and delightful vocals, they’re the ideal band to listen to after enjoying THC.

These are the best Glass Animals songs you can enjoy while high:

FKJ performing in India, 2018 (C) Jishnuchakrabortyimages, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Also known as “French Kiwi Juice,” FKJ is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer who has collaborated with various artists, creating some fire tracks you’ll love while blazed.

Press “Play” on these FKJ songs the next time you indulge in cannabis:

Dope Lemon creator Angus Stone in Sydney, Australia, 2018 (C) Bruce Baker, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Dope Lemon

Talk about psychedelic music; you can’t go wrong with Dope Lemon. Not only are their tracks far out, but they also have trippy music videos that are incredibly appealing while enjoying psychoactive effects.

(C) The Official Jimi Hendrix Site

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

After defeating Eric Clapton (The God of Guitaring, as said then) in a guitar challenge, guitar legend Jimi Hendrix was unofficially titled “The Man Who Killed God.”

If you are a fan of guitar riffs, try these Jimi Hendrix songs when high:

(C) Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s music includes wavy and spacious, moving melodies along with truly impressive guitar riffs, vocals, and everything else.

If you love cannabis and haven’t listened to Pink Floyd, you need to remedy that now. We recommend starting with these tracks:

Honorable Mentions

It’s almost impossible to pick just five bands that are great to listen to after consuming cannabis. When it comes down to it, this list could be hundreds of bands long.

These songs are some honorable mentions for listening to after enjoying cannabis:

The next time you consume cannabis, jam out and chill out with these incredible bands.

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Featured image: Jimi Hendrix (C) Reuters, courtesy of City of Clarksville, Tennessee