Brandon Gomes, a 28 year-old model, actor, and artist from Florida with Cape Verdean roots, is a leading cast member for the popular MTV reality series Siesta Key. Gomes, who has been with the show since its inception (the series premiere aired in 2017), is also the CEO of the aptly-named Siesta G, a premium cannabis dispensary located in Brandon, Florida. A passionate cannabis advocate, Gomes additionally serves as an ambassador for the restorative justice nonprofit Last Prisoner Project.

SIESTA KEY cast member and Siesta G CEO Brandon Gomes (C) Zach DiMartini @zachdimartini

Who Is Siesta G CEO Brandon Gomes? From Siesta Key To Music To Cannabis

The young man has worked in the music and entertainment industries long before his tenure on Siesta Key. After participating in a photoshoot at sixteen years old, Gomes garnered interest from agents, leading him to move to New York at seventeen. He lived there for three years, pursuing his talents and landing multiple modeling gigs for leading brands and campaigns. Gomes has been featured in print advertisements and on billboards over the years. In addition to modeling, he has written songs and works with multiple artists from Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang label and other notable figures. 

In addition to his work with Siesta G, Gomes invests in several sectors, including cannabis, real estate and e-commerce industries, to build wealth for his future endeavors fully funded by himself. Known for his easygoing personality and dedicated work ethic, the entrepreneur prides himself on his networking talents. His greatest pride, however, is his son Quincy.

(C) Siesta G

What Is Siesta G's Mission In The Cannabis Space?

Gomes’ other “baby” at the moment, Siesta G, is best described as a “one-stop-shop for all things cannabis.” Offering safe, effective, and all-natural products, the brand’s varied cannabinoid products are devoid of any pesticides or herbicides. The Siesta G team says they’re on a mission “to establish an environment that welcomes inclusivity of all people from every walk of life. [We believe] that everyone should feel comfortable exploring the many natural benefits of hemp and cannabis-based products.”

Emphasizing hemp’s ability to help people improve their physical and mental health, reduce anxiety and stress, and transform one’s overall well-being, the Siesta G creed is simple: Spread global awareness about the power of the plant and help others find the right solutions for their unique health needs. As Gomes and his team note, “We believe that everyone has the right to experience the benefits of natural remedies and we strive to support individuals with products that can help them achieve their goals.”

Siesta G Nerd Rope Bites (C) Siesta G

Brandon Gomes's "Rise N Grind" Weedsday Playlist

For his Weedsday Playlist, Brandon Gomes selected tracks that hit close to home. “Here’s BG Radio (Rise n Grind), my morning music rotation,” he shares. “Throughout my days these songs normally play a lot… This Playlist is inspired by my life right now. These are the songs I choose to ‘keep the story going.’"

Brandon Gomes - "Sunshine"

I sampled a favorite song of mine, "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" by Roy Ayers, and wrote this in a very vulnerable place in my life where I had to pick myself up off the ground. This song is special to me because it signals strength. I try my best to listen to this song in the A.M hours.

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*Editor's Note: Did you know? Christopher Peak of ACV Consulting / Pipeline chose Roy Ayers's "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" for his Weedsday Playlist. Check it out here.

The Knocks Featuring Sofi Tukker - "Brazilian Soul [Acoustic Bossa Version]"

I love this song! It makes me think of home and family. It's also sung pridefully, and makes you want to represent well for your family and bring peace to the world. The acoustic version is soft on the ears, perfect for the morning.

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Kanye West - "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1"

This song gets me going on the wake up, rise n grind. It makes me want to move and do more with my day. It also has a spiritual feel that sounds larger than life. I would recommend this vibe for around the 10am hour. 

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Wiz Khalifa - "Mezmorized"

Wiz Khalifa changed my life. “Mezmorized” will forever be my favorite song of all time. I've exhausted this song throughout my life and it still hits every time. I've gotten the pleasure to build a relationship with Taylor Gang. I remind myself of that divine timing by playing this song. 

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Disco Lines - "Baby Girl"

I've been listening to this song a lot lately… It makes me happy. It's also a song I regularly spin when I DJ and it gets the girls moving which ends up getting everyone moving! 

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