Christopher Peak is Principal and Senior Vice President of Retail Development at ACV Consulting, a firm that provides expert marketing, branding, and retail strategy to global clients. In September 2023, ACV partnered with the internationally-renowned Andrew DeAngelo Consulting to launch Pipeline, a cannabis business growth engine.

(C) Pipeline

Who Is Christopher Peak And What Is Pipeline?

Pipeline provides both startups and established companies with tools to navigate the challenging cannabis industry and the entrepreneurs seeking to make their mark within it. As capital markets and investors flee the space, margins become constrained by overproduction, and regulatory and tax burdens increase, the need for smart branding that stands out and operational expertise that leads to growth has never been more important.

Peak’s career spans from his start in “retail-tainment” at Universal Studios Citywalk, to global Head of Apple® Retail Design, to collaborations with Andrew and Steve DeAngelo during the development of Harborside, a leading cannabis company and the country’s oldest medical marijuana dispensary brand. As a leader of Pipeline, he’s enthusiastic about the ways the service will address the needs of businesses in all aspects of cannabis and culture.

Christopher Peak (C) Pipeline

How Is Christopher Peak's ACV Consulting Making Pipeline A Strong Cannabis Business Growth Engine?

“We understand the challenges new businesses face, particularly in today's intricate climate,” Peak says.  “From my early work with Andrew and Steve DeAngelo at Harborside, I've remained steadfast in my belief that the success of cannabis legalization hinges on legitimizing the space by building meaningful, thriving brands that foster efficient paths to profitable businesses. We offer high-level expertise that immediately empowers brands, enabling them to navigate this landscape effectively at any stage of their journey, driving them to their best potential."

Peak’s ACV are brand builders and omni-channel leaders. Led by former executives from The North Face® and Apple®, ACV’s proven expertise and collective experience was forged guiding the world’s most innovative and successful brands to omnichannel success. 

Andrew DeAngelo (C) Jamie Soja @sojaphoto

What Is Cannabis Industry Pioneer Andrew DeAngelo Saying About Pipeline?

For DeAngelo, an industry trailblazer with over three decades in the space as an activist and business pioneer, Pipeline is the next frontier of growth. DeAngelo is a co-founder of the nonprofit Last Prisoner Project, and of the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA), as well as one of the few people to have owned and operated cannabis companies in the legacy, medical, and adult-use markets on both coasts of the United States. 

“ACV consulting and I have joined forces to provide clients with A-list talent at reasonable rates,” he states. “Startups and established companies can get into the Pipeline and ride the green wave to robust returns and hyper growth. From Apple® stores and The North Face® to Harborside and Last Prisoner Project, the track record of this team is truly one of a kind.” 

*Editor's Note: Check out Andrew DeAngelo's Weedsday Playlist here!

With both Peak and DeAngelo using their visionary powers, their new endeavor looks to be a transformative one. As they like to say, “Whether a business is just starting or looking to expand its presence, Pipeline is here to support at every step of the journey, ensuring your business thrives and flourishes in the ever-evolving cannabis landscape.”

Christopher Peak's "Sunday Morning Vibe" Weedsday Playlist

For someone so focused on getting companies rocketing into action, Christopher Peak chooses deliberately relaxing selections for his Weedsday Playlist: My Sunday Morning Vibe —  On a tranquil Sunday morning in the Santa Cruz mountains, as the sun breaks through the coastal fog enveloping the redwoods and the ocean breeze mingles with the melodies of songbirds off my deck, I turn to my homegrown stash, lovingly cultivated on our little farm up here in the Cruz. Supported by compost from our small herd of goats and sheep and infused with compost from our chickens too, this grow of ours is incredibly local to this spot and lifts me up. It's a source of inspiration and focus, providing the perfect backdrop for a morning of leisure. I blend this experience with music that intertwines my mind, body, and soul, guiding me toward creativity and introspection. It's a deep wellspring within me, the origin of all my creative endeavors, and the harmonious interplay between the music and the gentle drift of smoke brings it to the forefront of my consciousness, shaping my every thought and artistic expression.”

Miles Davis Quintet - "It Never Entered My Mind"

As the creative work segues into this day, with my kids on my mind and a cappuccino in hand, a deep inhale of our homegrown sativa, Miles Davis Quintet’s "It Never Entered My Mind" becomes the soundtrack to launch my day. Miles's notes linger, seemingly extending into the very fabric of the day itself. Red Garland's piano and Miles's horn guide me as I transition from my morning session, leaving me with a smile to carry through.

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Ramsey Lewis Trio - "Summer Breeze"

Ramsey Lewis Trio's rendition of "Summer Breeze" holds a special place in my heart. This album was a thoughtful gift from a friend who understood my quest to find it (I had been on the hunt for over a year... thank you, Ramon), and it's become a go-to track for a Sunday musical journey. I'm particularly drawn to bassist Eldee Young's seamless integration into the groove; his rhythmic mastery elevates this cover of Seals & Crofts' classic. The original version transports me back to 1972, cruising in my father's VW fastback, sporting a leather visor with a sunburnt horizon. We were living in a cozy spot just a couple of blocks from Hermosa Beach, and life was wonderfully mellow. Ramsey Lewis's interpretation captures that sentiment perfectly, infusing it with his signature groove.

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Roy Ayers - "Everybody Loves The Sunshine"

A timeless musical gem that effortlessly weaves together elements of jazz, funk, and soul... With its warm and uplifting melody, this iconic track captures the essence of a carefree, sun-soaked day. PERFECT!  Ayers's smooth vocals and the blissful arrangement allows me to bask in the joyful, feel-good vibes of the song. It's a musical embodiment of summer, radiating positivity and inspiring a deep appreciation for life's simple pleasures.

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Maxwell - "Pretty Wings"

Maxwell's "Pretty Wings" is a soulful masterpiece that strikes a perfect balance between melancholy and beauty. With his velvety vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Maxwell delves into the bittersweet terrain of love lost. The song's lush instrumentation and emotive melody create an atmosphere of introspection and longing, making it a heart-wrenching yet undeniably captivating piece of R&B. "Pretty Wings" evokes a profound sense of nostalgia and emotional depth that resonates with me on a deeply personal level. I love to remember love.

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James Blake Featuring Bon Iver - "I Need A Forest Fire"

A hauntingly beautiful sonic journey that hits on destruction and rebirth. The ethereal blend of Blake's electronic production and Bon Iver's falsetto vocals creates a dreamlike soundscape that is as emotionally raw as it is musically intricate. The track's minimalistic yet emotionally charged lyrics, combined with its atmospheric sound, evoke a sense of catharsis and transformation in me that is undeniable. It's a song that captures the essence of healing and renewal, resonating deeply and leaving a lasting, contemplative impression to take into the rest of my day.

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