Queen Of Pentacles

Whatever seeds you planted months ago begin to show promise. It won't be long before you're collecting sweet rewards. But until that happens, you must continue to nurture your goals. Remain patient and focused on the work. Trust your process. Soon, your harvest will be ready. 

This card is also fantastic for finances. You have the ability to manifest more money this month. An opportunity or two may land in your lap. When that happens, take action and say yes.

Be sure to manage your resources carefully. Easy come, easy go - unless you keep a firm grasp. As the saying goes: a penny saved is a penny earned. Be smart with your good fortune.


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Featured image: Queen of Pentacles from The Light Seers Tarot (C) The Light Seers Tarot @lightseers_tarot / Chris-Anne @pixiecurio. For more about the deck, visit lightseerstarot.com. To learn more about the author, visit chris-anne.com.