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Hit animated comedy series The Freak Brothers has launched its Season 2B premiere on (where else?) the Tubi streaming platform. But this season features a special partnership with leading online cannabis marketplace Weedmaps, in a celebration of the stoner comic’s 55th anniversary and a larger effort to destigmatize cannabis culture. The animated adaptation, produced by WTG Enterprises, stars the voice talents of Woody Harrelson, Pete Davidson, John Goodman, and Tiffany Haddish; it’s been touted as “Tubi’s Most Watched Show Ever.”

Weedmaps And The Freak Brothers Present The Smoke & Screen Tour

Ahead of the Season 2B debut, Weedmaps and The Freak Brothers hosted a multi-city Smoke & Screen Tour showing exclusively curated screenings of the first two episodes. Stops were made in eight major markets where adult-use cannabis is legal - including California, Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, and Massachusetts - before coming to its final destination in New York City, the cannabis consumption capital of the world.

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What Happened At The Weedmaps x Freak Brothers Smoke & Screen Tour In New York City?

“There is no better place to end a tour than NYC,” said Greg Goldner, Chief Brand and Strategy Officer of The Freak Brothers and one of the show’s producers. Alluding to New York state’s recent troubles with the rollout of a full adult-use cannabis program, he added, “[They] can use all the support they can get right now.”

That note may have touched on some serious themes, but the Weedmaps x Freak Brothers Smoke & Screen soiree was all the fun you could ask for, much like the series itself. The Rooftop at Harbor NYC in Midtown was lit at the last stop of The Freak Brothers’ tour. Screens lit up the room showing jars and slabs of terpy concentrates. Weedmaps had all the accessories laid out for the crowd and appetizers were flowing through the room the entire time. The DJ kept the vibes going with killer tunes and we got a sneak peek of what’s to come on Season 2B, which includes glass bongs and huge rips.

Attendees took pictures in front of the official step-and-repeat with Weedmaps’ trademark giant inflatable joint, and then mixed and mingled before and after the screenings. Guests could enjoy complimentary refreshments and snacks, gift bags, tunes from a live DJ, samples of products from High Peaks, a New York-grown cannabis brand available in several of the state’s licensed dispensaries, and prerolls from Spliffy.

CelebStoner founder Steve Bloom (left) interviews THE FREAK BROTHERS producer Greg Goldner (C) Queenee Da Kanna Kritic @queeneedakannakritic

A History With The Freak Brothers: CelebStoner's Steve Bloom Talks To Producer Greg Goldner

Esteemed cannabis journalist and CelebStoner founder Steve Bloom kicked off the proceedings with a brief interview with Greg Goldner. Bloom, who worked as an editor at High Times for 20 years, recalled his first encounter with the comics that inspired the TV series.

“The legendary Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comic strips used to appear in High Times and other alternative publications,” Bloom explained. “That’s how I knew about them. The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comic strips and characters were created by Gilbert Shelton, Paul Mavrides and Dave Sheridan in 1968. It’s about three wacky stoners named Freewheelin' Franklin Freak, Phineas T. Phreakers and Fat Freddie Freekowski and their cat, Kitty.” In the animated adaptation, Bloom noted, “The dope-smoking trio, plus Kitty, is transported to the 21st Century where cannabis is now legal in states like California and New York!”

Goldner, a two-time Emmy winner, has repeatedly mentioned his enthusiasm for the cannabis community’s embrace of The Freak Brothers throughout the nation. He also expressed his gratitude for Weedmaps’ partnership with the show: “It’s a convergence of the psychedelic past and the digital present, and I have no doubt that if Weedmaps was around in the 1960s, The Freak Brothers would’ve been their most valuable customers.”

Peter Mercado Reyes of On The Revel, Taylor of Three Budz Podcast, and Queenee Da Kanna Kritic (C) Ulise Gonzalez @cannaking_nyc

New York's Cannabis Community Turned Up For The Weedmaps x Freak Brothers Smoke & Screen Tour

Some of New York’s best and brightest cannabis advocates were in attendance for the grand finale to the Smoke & Screen Tour. Peter Mercado-Reyes, Head of Content and Community for experiential and education platform On The Revel; Lynn Truong, Retail Marketing Manager at Puffco; Taylor of the Three Budz Podcast; and others were among those having a blast high above the streets amid the smoke and lights.

THE FREAK BROTHERS promotional art for Season 2 (C) WTG Enterprises / The Freak Brothers

What Can You Expect From The Freak Brothers In Season 2?

In addition to its A-list main cast, Season 2B of the show will also feature Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, Andrea Savage, La La Anthony and ScHoolboy Q, with a special guest appearance by Joe Sikora. Expect The Freak Brothers’ Mary Jane-fueled misadventures to take them from their high school reunion to matching wits with Mark Zuckerberg, settling old scores with Mitch McConnell, and battling Seth Rogen in a Pot Brownie Bake-Off contest.

The Freak Brothers is normalizing plant use through animation, and while the show is filled with twisted humor, it also speaks to how the cannabis community really comes together to celebrate the miracle of the plant and how it can help heal us, one laugh at a time.

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