Peter Mercado-Reyes is Head of Content and Community for On The Revel, the parent company for a collection of curated educational and networking experiences democratizing information for those interested in the cannabis industry. On The Revel’s live events, known as Revelry, are conferences aimed at fostering an inclusive, collaborative, and flourishing cannabis sector. Revelry gatherings feature a combination of top cannabis executives and policymakers from around the world, as well as notable public figures such as Al Harrington, Styles P, Shiest Bubz, and Dead Prez.

Left to right: On The Revel executives Peter Mercado-Reyes, Lulu Tsui and Jacobi Holland at Revelry (C) On The Revel

What Is On The Revel?

Since 2015, On The Revel’s co-founders Jacobi Holland and Lulu Tsui have been bringing industry and cultural figures together for meaningful conversations around cannabis. Mercado-Reyes joined in 2018. The company also launched its Dope People online membership community, podcast, and virtual experiences, which celebrate the diverse people that have been and are currently building the cannabis industry in the aim of developing its gold standard, with opportunities for all.

What Does Peter Mercado-Reyes Do Outside of On The Revel?

In addition to his work at On The Revel, Mercado-Reyes serves as co-president for the National Hispanic Cannabis Council's Tri-State Chapter, where he is committed to empowering operators and dispelling the stigma against cannabis in the Latinx community. He’s also a published neuroscientist, having formerly worked as a researcher at Columbia University, with a deep passion for plant medicine. Overall, Mercado-Reyes dedicates himself to making the cannabis industry more inclusive, collaborative, and diverse.

The On The Revel team at Revelry (C) On The Revel

Peter Mercado-Reyes's Dominican and Puerto Rican-Inspired Weedsday Playlist

Mercado-Reyes’s heritage inspired this playlist filled with Latin beats: “I'm a proud Dominican and Puerto Rican, so I want to take this chance to share the music from my beautiful islands. We’re small but mighty and influential in many genres of music. It starts slow with wavy reggae transitioning to bumping reggaeton and ending with booming dembow. I hope this serves as a testament to the infinite power of cannabis to connect and inspire across cultures and genres.”

Cultura Profética - “Saca, Prende y Sorprende”

“Take it out, light it up and surprise’ em” is the name of the song and perfect way to start this playlist! Cultura Profética is an iconic Puerto Rican reggae band. Throughout the track they extol the healing and connecting power of cannabis: “Fumando es como la gente se entiende” (Smoking is how people understand each other).

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Don Omar Featuring Tego Calderon - "Bandoleros"

This is a classic! Two Puerto Rican kings of reggaeton… In the hook, they say that they’re driving around with red eyes and when I was young I didn't understand that part. Back then there was wayyy more pushback for these drug references, so I love the subtleness, especially since this got used to promote one of the Fast and Furious movies.

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Farruko and Bad Bunny - "La Cartera"

The song pays homage to a few iconic stoner songs including Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It” and our first song by Cultura Profética. In this context “ la cartera” is best translated to a stash bag, so the song’s about how wherever they go they have a stash bag with them. Check out both versions of the music video! Honorable mention would be “Krippy Kush” by the same artists.

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Tokischa Featuring Tivi Gunz - "Picala"

Tokischa is a rising Dominican superstar. This song is a Dominican stoner manifesto. In one of her bars she states, “Me la fumo, me la como, hago jugo me la tomo” translated to “I smoke it, I eat it, I make juice and drink it” which, as a scientist, I love because it advocates for other forms of consumption which I think is super critical to changing stigma, especially in the Latinx community.

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El Fother x Bulova x Braulio Fogon x Yomel El Meloso - "La Zaza Remix"

Don't expect to be able to sit down while listening to this one! Of course, the bravado is on 100% in a track where everyone's talking about how they get the best zaza. Honorable mention in this vein would be, “Que Yo Fumo Hierba” by Lapiz Conciente.

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