Karen De Luca is a photographer, self-professed plant person, art director, and co-owner of Studio De Luca, a full-service photography agency on a mission to help mold-breaking brands vibrate at their highest visual potential. Based in Orlando, Florida, she works both onsite and remotely with clients all over the world.

What Inspires Photographer Karen De Luca?

De Luca is passionate about consciousness expansion and making a positive impact through creativity. Her interests in herbalism, plants, and all things “woo” lend her work an expansive quality with an element of magic. She loves using unconventional and experimental techniques in her photography to help differentiate and elevate her clients’ brands.

Karen De Luca’s work has been featured in publications including Vogue, ELLE, Refinery29, The Cut, and many more. She counts brands such as New Era Caps, Groovy Butter, P.F. Candle Co., New Brew, Paraiso Creations, Bubble Skincare, Great Jones, and others as clients.

Karen De Luca (C) Chris De Luca @chrisdeluca

Karen De Luca's Dance Session Weedsday Playlist

For her Weedsday Playlist, De Luca selected beats that get her moving: “Here are my favorite tracks for a sweaty morning dance session that leaves me feeling energized and ready to take on the day. For the ultimate listening experience, I recommend popping your favorite edible and sipping on an iced matcha.”

Leonardo Das Cabrio Featuring Diya - "Chills"

A new track from one of my favorite Berlin artists. It’s the perfect warm-up for an intense dance session.

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You Man - "Birdcage"

For when you’re starting to get really into it. This track is suuuch a vibe.

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Alewya - "Play"

I recently discovered Alewya and can’t get enough of this track! It has such a sensual, feel-good groove to it. I love how she blends influences from her Ethiopian and Egyptian heritage with her adopted home of West London into her sound.

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Hardrive - "Deep Inside"

A classic 90s house track featuring vocals from Barbara Trucker’s “Beautiful People.” This song never gets old, and I’m obsessed with dancing to it. It’s better exercise than any HIIT workout.

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Mark Laird - "Sneakin'"

A feel-good house track that will get you moving if you’re not already. Keep the dance party going with your favorite house music playlist!

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For more about Karen De Luca and Studio De Luca, visit studiodeluca.me and follow @karendelucaphoto on Instagram.

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