RETRO: Ravi Shankar and the Quiet Beatle

MJ Moore

Madison Square Garden. August 1, 1971. Against all odds, you scored a ticket to a concert steeped in legend and mystique. Initially advertised as a benefit concert featuring George Harrison & Friends, it’s now being called the Concert for Bangladesh [https://hshoneypot.com/pride-in-cannabis-featuring-breezy-diabo-kait-caridi-amp-aidan-mcgovern/] . And because it’s helmed by ex-Beatle George Harrison, now...

RETRO: Middle School Awakenings ~~ August 1971

MJ Moore

It’s before midnight and business is slow at the New Corsica Restaurant, so Kev’s off work early and he’s surprised we’re all up and sitting there, gathered around the tube. He works really hard as a busboy on weekend nights. I’m glad he’s home early. When my big brother’...

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