As the Top Four queens head into the finale, we get to see all 16 of this season's contestants back together on one stage. This is the largest cast yet, so it's only natural we'd get a larger-than-life reunion at two hours long.

Bring Back My Girls

RuPaul gathers the Season 15 queens onstage to discuss the overall experience of the competition and the viral aftermath. There's no question this season has included several memorable moments - who can forget Anetra jumping over Marcia Marcia Marcia in what's been called "one of the greatest lip syncs in Drag Race her-story"? Or Anetra's taekwondo-style talent performance that introduced the catchphrase "You better walk that fucking duck"? Or Anetra's ballad about the power of drag during Wigloose: The Rusical? Or just damn Anetra, point blank, period.

But Season 15 has also been a Pride flag flying high against a turbulent political backdrop. Across the country, drag queens and the LGBTQIA+ community are facing dangerous legislation and threats from all quarters. At the start of the Reunion, Ru drills down on this point by reminding audiences to support the ACLU's Drag Defense Fund and fight against harmful anti-LGBTQIA+ laws that are now being considered in various states. This is a time to stand tall and stand together against oppression.

There are moments throughout the episode that refer to the turmoil, as well as bits that highlight the spectrum of cultural acceptance in different states. For example, the Nashville-based Aura Mayari talks about the hurt caused by Tennessee's horrific drag ban bill being passed. (A federal judge has since temporarily prevented the act from going into effect.) Meanwhile, a message from Connecticut's Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz salutes Loosey LaDuca, Amethyst, Jax, and Robin Fierce for their contributions to the show. The contestants joke that it was "Connecticut versus The World" this season, but it's clear they all take the thanks to heart. Loosey particuarly speaks up about how she didn't feel comfortable being herself growing up, but such an acknowledgement of her art form really makes her feel seen. Robin also comments that she became the first drag queen to speak at Yale Law School this spring, part of a move protesting anti-LGBTQIA+ laws that are being engineered by several politicians who graduated from the institution.

Irene Dubois - who went home far too early, let's be real - mentions that many of the bills target the trans community specifically. Sasha Colby takes the opportunity to speak about her fear living day-to-day as a trans person, and RuPaul reminds the audience that they have the power to combat these laws by being active, involved voters.

Canned Bits

Of course, no reunion episode would be complete without rehashing what fueled this season. Montages rule the roost tonight. From Sugar-and-Spice compilations, to spotlights on everyone's favorite word, "era," to celebrity guest appearances and controversial "gates," much of this reunion feels more well-trodden than undiscovered.

There's a substantial segment on the queens' obsession with getting second place in the challenges. Mistress Isabelle Brooks interjects that distinctions do matter, but not as much in the overall scheme of things. And speaking of schemes, there's quite a bit of focus on Mistress as the season's pot-stirrer, with particular attention on her role in "Heavengate," the debate between Loosey and Luxx Noir London over who should get the starring role in Wigloose. Loosey suggests that Mistress complicated matters, though the fact that Loosey was ultimately praised for her performance in the challenge - and Kevin Bacon himself provides a message to congratulate her - seems to mollify her. Irene does spill the tea that there was a shady moment between Mistress and Loosey that the cameras didn't catch, but the specifics are still left mysterious.

More attention is given to the Loosey versus Luxx drama that lasted throughout the season, especially the latter's "dissertation" answer of who should be sent home, in which she called the former "generic." Ru calls Luxx's speech "entertaining," but Loosey explains how painful it was for her and that it felt premeditated; Luxx, for her part, can admit onstage that she understands things got rough for Loosey... still without apologizing.

Reading Is Fundamental

One of the better fresh segments of the episode is allowing for unseen "reads" from the Library challenge to be shown, and to let queens who didn't get to participate finally read their peers. The extra minutes of footage we get feel longer than what were actually seen in the Reading episode, including several unexpected gems from contestants who got skewered by the initial edit. Some standouts include Salina EsTitties's dig at Mistress ("What's the difference between Mistress and a brick? A brick gets laid!"), Loosey's declaration that Amethyst will never be her drag daughter, and the back-and-forth between Mistress and Malaysia Babydoll Foxx ("I didn't know they made a Fat Albert doll!" "I know they made a fat Cabbage Patch Kid.")

Back onstage, the early-out cast members are given their moment to read. Mistress is a proud drag mama when Sugar starts things off. Her read to Irene, "What witchcraft did you pull to only be in one episode and still get more screentime than Robin?" is high hilarity and shows how much she grew as a performer since her time on the show. Princess Poppy, in one of her few spots of grabbing focus, displays her talent for dark humor. She says that she gave someone Covid on set - which is why Loosey had no taste all season.

Toot Or Boot

When the cast revisits fashion moments of the season, there's general agreement. Sasha's bumblebee-inspired puffer outfit is praised, and Malaysia's foxy, fluffy entrance look is deemed "adorable." Though Marcia's Beautiful Nightmare look is dragged, Mistress finds some charm in it, calling it akin to the Monster High series' style.

Anetra's crystallized gown from the DIY challenge gets universal oohs and ahhs, with Sugar stating it's "rude" to make an ensemble that good. Loosey's Bag Ball look gets booted even by Loosey herself, though the twins seem to think it's a positive show of authenticity and experimentation. Luxx's crystalline fairy look is cheered by Amethyst as one of her favorite outfits of the entire season. Mistress attempts to defend her Destiny's Child homage during the Night of 1000 Beyonces, but everyone else rebuts her. Jax boots herself immediately when reviewing her Beautiful Nightmare exploration, and Sugar helpfully refers to it as a "fluff" instead of a fart.

Robin's "Who Is She" gown garners acclaim for its empress-like presentation; Loosey even says that watching Robin evolve as a drag performer, this look is her "full form." Finally, Aura's vertebrae-exposing widow's weeds for Beautiful Nightmare is applauded as a toot - except for when Irene boots her fellow queen's bad acting.

Season 14 fan favorite Maddy Morphosis pops up to virtually present the Golden Boot Award for the most campy/arguably worst-best outfit of the competition. The trophy goes to Salina EsTitties for her Metallica street sign-themed outfit, with EsTitties squealing over the fact that she finally won something on Drag Race.

Saluting the Top Four

As the episode winds down, Ru gives flowers to the Top Four. Sasha, Anetra, Mistress, and Luxx all have maxi challenge wins under their belts. They each have proven their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent throughout the season. Mistress's performance in the Daytona Wind acting challenge is lauded, while Ru also celebrates Luxx's design prowess (she calls out her design challenge specifically, but we all know the host is still thinking about Luxx's dress-up moment as 1980s-era RuPaul). Anetra's talent show performance continues to live rent-free in Mama Ru's mind, and she admits "Walk that fucking duck" might just be her ticket to riches. But Sasha receives the simple, all-powerful compliment of "I'm the motherfucking queen of drag - I'm amazed by you."

Who will take home the crown at the finale? Stay tuned for the grand conclusion to Season 15!

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Luxx Noir London

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Sasha Colby

Learn about the anti-LGBTQIA+ laws up for consideration in every state by clicking here. Stand with the ACLU, RuPaul's Drag Race, MTV, and World Of Wonder by clicking here to support the Drag Defense Fund and fight back against bigotry.

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