Back Home Cannabis Co., a leading provider of premium cannabis products, launched its four-pack chillum FLIGHT this weekend to the delight of New Yorkers. The innovative, one-of-a-kind tasting experience allows consumers to sample four different strains of Back Home Cannabis Co.'s craft cannabis flower, pre-filled into .5g glass chillums made by Pre-Pack, Inc. Both brands have partnered with Union Square Travel Agency: A Cannabis Store (USQTA), the state-licensed dispensary located in Lower Manhattan at 62 East 13th Street, to share these unique offerings with the public for the first time.

Back Home Cannabis Co.'s Four-Pack Chillum FLIGHT at Union Square Travel Agency: A Cannabis Store

“We're proud to be the first dispensary in New York City to offer this new format of tasting flight," said David Vautrin, Operating Partner of USQTA. “The broad appeal of the four-pack chillum FLIGHT from new consumers to longtime connoisseurs should be very enticing to our customers.”

The four strains included in the tasting flight are Space Queen, Killer Queen, Gorilla Glue, and G-13, each representing a different staple strain of Back Home Cannabis Co.'s premium cannabis selection. The chillums come with caps to keep the flower fresh and allow for flavorful and convenient smoking.

Four-pack Chillum FLIGHT (C) Back Home Cannabis Co.

What Is Back Home Cannabis Co.?

Will Leibee, founder and CEO of Back Home Cannabis Co., knows all about flavor. He came to New York in 2017 after a journey that took him through his native city of Asheville, North Carolina to learn the best organic farming practices from various experts and to appreciate the rich nutrients and properties of things found in nature. Once in the Empire State, he took on a job that allowed him to layer his farming knowledge with training from top New York City chefs. Today, Leibee operates Back Home Farm, a USDA Certified Organic farm in the Hudson Valley that grows a vast array of vegetables, herbs, hemp, and more. In 2022, Back Home Cannabis Co. was born, licensed through the Conditional Adult Use Cultivator program to be one of the first cultivators to supply New York’s legal dispensaries.

"We are excited to launch our four-pack chillum FLIGHT, which offers customers a unique and easy way to experience the pure expression of our premium cannabis strains," Leibee enthused. "We're thrilled to partner with Pre-Pack, Inc. and Union Square Travel Agency Dispensary to offer our customers this first-of-its-kind tasting experience in New York City."

Pre-Pack: Chillums For The New York Cannabis Lifestyle

Consumers will enjoy the delivery method as much as they enjoy the tasting flight itself. The Pre-Pack chillums are custom smoking pipes made from recyclable glassware that can be reused multiple times for maximum longevity. Their design, which might be likened to a mini wine-tasting glass, is perfect for experiencing a new strain or enjoying an old favorite, with a handy cap that keeps ground flower fresh. These delightfully portable pieces of glassware make excellent gifts and party favors. When paired with Back Home Cannabis Co.’s high-quality strains in the four-pack chillum FLIGHT, they are the party!

“Pre-Pack chillums fit the fast-paced NYC lifestyle really well,” stated Austin Davis, CEO of Pre-Pack Inc. “The pause and play smokability offers unparalleled convenience and discreetness, giving our customers the freedom to smoke whenever and wherever they please."

If you’re curious about the next big trend in New York cannabis consumption (in a fun-size package), try the Back Home Cannabis Co. four-pack chillum FLIGHT. It’s now available at Union Square Travel Agency and Housing Works Cannabis Co.

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