After Loosey LaDuca's elimination, the final four queens enter the Werk Room, seeing her lipstick message that encourages them to "Let Loose!" Luxx Noir London mentions that Loosey's plan in the previous episode to sabotage her with the teacher challenge didn't quite work out the way she expected. Although let's be real, it did land Luxx in the bottom two, so maybe it did?

While Luxx mixes her metaphors (revenge, not karma, is typically best served cold), she and Mistress Isabelle Brooks do at least give Loosey her props for being a fierce competitor and admitting that she was playing the game.

With the remaining contestants all a-titter, Anetra is congratulated on her consecutive wins. She and Sasha Colby are now tied for maxi challenge wins at three each through the season, making them the true frontrunners for the competition.

Last Dance, Last Chance?

Upon starting the next day in the Werk Room with a cute spin on the Charlie's Angels pose, the girls are greeted with a virtual message via RuMail. The cryptic video relates that this is the "last dance, last chance" and hints that someone may be leaving before the finale. This means that there could be a Top Three moving onto the last episode instead of a Top Four, something that Drag Race hasn't done since Season 8 in 2016.

At that moment, RuPaul enters in boy mode to inform the "Fantastic Four" that their final maxi challenge is approaching. This week, they will be collabing with Ru on a remix of his classic "Blame It On The Edit." For the new challenge, each contestant will write their own verse, then work with choreographer Miguel Zarate to create a space-themed music video. During the process, each queen will be invited to join RuPaul and Michelle Visage for an intimate Tic-Tac Chitchat.

And Ru confirms that yes, there will only be a Top Three this season for the finale. Plot twist!

Rehearsals And Tic-Tac Chitchats

During rehearsals, Mistress embraces her shadiness in her verse. Anetra concentrates on being sexy. Luxx gets into "bitch track" mode, finishes early and decides to nap.

Meanwhile, things get real in the Tic-Tac Chitchats. Sasha opens up to Michelle about her father's suicide and being the sibling entrusted with her family's generational land. She says in her search for parental love, she now feels validated in herself.

Anetra's personal story has been well documented this season. She does discuss how she found her confidence in creativity with Ru and Michelle, the latter of whom is even more excited to talk about Anetra's instantly iconic lip sync with Marcia Marcia Marcia.

In her sitdown, Mistress feels proud of her outspoken personality. RuPaul tells her that she should feel confident, but people may not always want to hear the truth in the way that she says it. Regardless, Mistress is true to her own self and to her chosen drag family.

Luxx's interview has a similar vibe. She believes she was "raised to tackle tough situations," and embraces her persona, even if some people don't like her.

Runway: "Drag Excellence"

In this runway, the queens are assigned to present their most eleganza drag looks. Anetra begins with a beautiful snow queen look that she made herself, a velvety blue gown studded with crystals, and a sculpted white wig. She says it's meant to evoke an Asian empress and she certainly is regal in it.

Luxx goes for a classic full gown and big hair combo, which Michelle remarks looks like Cicely Tyson, but it could just as easily remind one of Diana Ross. Her movements and face are indeed pure elegance.

Sasha chooses a streamlined silhouette of a sparkly rhinestone dress, while her hair is adorned with gorgeous flowers and her arms with oversize bangles. She explains her inspiration as "Galactic Federation Queen," with a nod to her Hawaiian heritage.

Mistress does a clever take on leopard print with a clingy fringed dress that has a bit of Mae West energy. The fringe is completely beaded, which she shares makes it about 60 pounds in total.

"Blame It On The Edit"

Following the final screening of the "Blame It On The Edit" video, Anetra is praised for her look and her willingness to face challenges head-on. However, it's obvious she was nervous while making the video. Ru informs Luxx that her "taste level is beyond" and appreciates her choice to sing and rap in her verse. The judges say that Sasha has more than lived up to her reputation all season, and her video look brings supernatural sex appeal. While Mistress didn't pick up the choreography as well as the other queens, she is given props for selling the story with her eyes.

Who's On Top?

Sasha Colby is deemed the winner of this week's maxi challenge, giving her a fourth maxi challenge win and making her the season's most awarded queen. Luxx Noir London places safe, which shockingly means the bottom two will be Mistress Isabelle Brooks and Anetra.

Lip Sync For Your Life: Who's Going Home?

Mistress and Anetra must lip sync to the song "When Love Takes Over" by David Guetta, featuring Kelly Rowland. Just when it looks like the journey will be over for one of these beloved cast members, RuPaul proclaims a double shantay.

Oh, y'all wanted another twist, eh? Looks like we have a Top Four finale after all!

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