Following last episode's loss of Marcia Marcia Marcia, the queens enter the Werk Room still utterly floored by Anetra's Matrix-esque jump in the lip sync. As Drag Race fans everywhere mourn that this season's theatre kid isn't going to be able to dominate a Rusical challenge, Salina EsTitties chooses now to be cocky about her own survival. Saying that Marcia should have left long ago, EsTitties declares this to be the start of her "top era." Um, maybe she should take a lesson from Spice on that.

Editors' Note: Before getting into the drama of this week, please note that drag and LGBTQIA+ communities everywhere are being threatened by harmful legislation throughout the country. Learn about the anti-LGBTQIA+ laws up for consideration in every state by clicking here. Stand with the ACLU, RuPaul's Drag Race, MTV, and World Of Wonder by clicking here to support the Drag Defense Fund and fight back against bigotry.

Let's Hear It For The Girls

Placement is on everyone's mind as the cast unwinds for the night. Luxx Noir London and Loosey LaDuca's win from the comedy duo challenge is celebrated. Meanwhile, Sasha Colby ponders her first time nearly dropping into the bottom two. But the Top 6 of the season are all keeping their eyes on the ultimate prize.

The next morning in the Werk Room, there's no time for anyone to rest on laurels. Mistress Isabelle Brooks switches from her "congenial" and "angelic" eras into her "chaotic" era. (Loosey's right about one thing - it wasn't chaotic enough before?!)

But the blaring sound of a RuMail disrupts the chitchat. How are the contestants going to "bring home the Bacon" this week?

Wigloose: The Rusical

RuPaul enters to explain that this week's challenge is the long-awaited Rusical. Most Rusicals are the highlights of their season, but this one comes with a timely message. Wigloose: The Rusical, a Footloose parody, is set in a small town that has outlawed drag. It will fall to the story's hero, the dancing Heaven Bacon, to confront the villains and make the world safe for drag again.

Watching this premise play out against the backdrop of real-life events, as there are over 426 current legislative bills in the U.S. that are threatening the safety of drag performers and those in the LGBTQIA+ community, is both haunting and clever. By turning danger into satire, Drag Race is fighting back against political censure with every power that makes drag an art form. It's wit, it's poignancy (in the famous words of Peppermint, "It's fashion"), but it's also a battle cry across the nation: You will never silence us.

Holding Out For A Hero

Psyched for the Rusical, the queens meet to choose their parts. Mistress immediately gravitates toward the main villain role of Preacher Teacher, while Anetra claims the drag mother Mama Bacon. Sasha surprisingly wants to be Carl, Preacher Teacher's meek husband.

Though Luxx, EsTitties and Loosey all want the lead role of Heaven, EsTitties quickly goes the route of Metalgate from a few episodes back and says she'll take the part of Christian. This leaves Luxx and Loosey to duke it out for the hero, with Mistress stirring the pot to say that Loosey only wants the play Heaven because it's the lead, not because it actually suits her.

Loosey manages to claw her way to the pearly gates of Heaven, but it remains to be seen if this Rusical will be her spotlight or her swan song. After fighting hard, Luxx ends up opting for Christian instead, leaving EsTitties with an even less-wanted role. But there are no small parts, only petty drag queens.

I'm Free

Despite getting her coveted lead role, Loosey continues to pitch a fit throughout the first half of the episode. We're still not really sure what's going on there, although it does result in an apology... to EsTitties, oddly enough.

When Ru does a walkthrough with the girls to check in on their preparations for the challenge, Anetra comes out with a story about how doing drag saved her life. Please take note, this is why we need drag performers and platforms for the LGBTQIA+ community to be seen.

Just when you think it's the "hit the ceiling or tear up this town" kind of critical mass on Drag Race, rehearsals set in and provide a different flavor of chaotic energy. Loosey gets read by Sasha for her choreography coming off as generically "white." Anetra surprisingly stumbles with picking up her moves, allowing some concern to ripple. Mistress shows once again she's the dispenser of shade this season as she calls out the security tag on Luxx's jacket - a minor moment that will no doubt be memetic within minutes of the episode's conclusion.

But things get real when the cast goes to paint and prep for the performance. Their session on the threats facing the LGBTQIA+ community is eye-opening and highlights the hypocrisy of right-wing targeting of drag and queer culture. With articulate precision, they zero in on how those protesting drag are not only violent, but projecting their own toxic views onto children.

Yet through it all, it's clear the queens intend to persevere. As Luxx notes, the resilience of queer people is "going to be the driving force for change."

Almost Paradise

Joining the judges onstage this week is country music artist Orville Peck. It's a time for everyone to cut loose - Wigloose, that is. Trouble is brewing in the small town of West Bumtuck, where Preacher Teacher says drag cannot be performed. Mistress stands out immediately as the malicious Preacher. Sasha is delightfully unrecognizable in her getup as the nerdy Carl, and it proves what a versatile performer she is.

The tunes are banging, and somehow every cast member is in sync. Nearly every queen is going to get praised for her part in the Rusical, which is so close to the bone that the parody almost becomes more emotional than funny. To echo the wishes of Drag Race fans everywhere, this Rusical should be performed in every town, city and state considering drag bans and anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation.

Runway: "Everybody Say Glove!"

In this love letter to gloves, Loosey gets the party started. Her penchant for horror themes returns as she says her inspiration is The Creature From The Black Lagoon, only as a classic pinup girl in a 1950s swimsuit? We ain't mad at ya! Anetra goes for a rave look with a skintight catsuit and electric blue accents, plus frickin' laser beams. Mistress presents full golden glamour with a head-to-toe sunshine yellow ensemble and big blonde hair. Luxx shows up with full-arm casts instead of traditional gloves, allowing for something more edgy and punk in the mix. EsTitties shows off giant red gloves and a cartoony bodysuit that seems somewhere between Miley Cyrus with the foam finger and a high school diagram of the internal organs. Sasha concludes this catwalk on a high note with just body-body-body, as her form-fitting baseball outfit made entirely of mitts hits a home run.

And as an aside, great job from Orville Peck on the color commentary!

Who's On Top?

Anetra is this week's maxi challenge winner for her tour de force performance as Mama Bacon. Luxx, Sasha, and Mistress all follow, placing high and safe.

The judges also ask the queens the dreaded question: "Who should go home?" A variety of responses ensue. Anetra and Loosey both pick EsTitties because of her several times in the bottom. Luxx has compliments for everyone except Loosey, who she calls "generic," and EsTitties also guns for Loosey. Mistress, proving her cunning strategy yet again, chooses Sasha and says she's the biggest threat in the competition. No stranger to the game, Sasha sizes up the competition as well and mentions both Luxx and Loosey since they've each won two challenges.

Once all is said and done, there are only two contestants remaining for the episode's final showdown.

Lip Sync For Your Life: Who's Going Home?

Loosey LaDuca and Salina EsTitties are decided as the bottom two. They must lip sync to "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush. Sadly for EsTitties, her experience running up that hill is more like Sisyphus, as she rolls back down to sashay away.

Check out Salina EsTitties's exit interview on WHATCHA PACKIN:

This season is getting down to the wire, soon to be closing in on the coveted Top 4 spots. If there's one thing this episode can teach us, it's to never, never, never, ever hide your heart - it's time to fight, it's time for tearing free. Such is the power of drag, to show the world exactly what you're made of.

Learn about the anti-LGBTQIA+ laws up for consideration in every state by clicking here. Stand with the ACLU, RuPaul's Drag Race, MTV, and World Of Wonder by clicking here to support the Drag Defense Fund and fight back against bigotry.

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