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Katra is known for championing diverse voices and highlighting filmmakers and actors from all over the world. On February 22nd the internationally-acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Daniel Diosdado debuted his feature The Nomad in America for the first time.

“We moved to New York City to make movies,” Diosdado laughs. “And it took 10 years to make this one—It’s a dream come true.”

The Madrid native wrote, produced, and directed the film, cast the actors and even helped with editing and filming.

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Produced by NOMADA Films, Diosdado’s own company, Nomad is a dramatic thriller set in NYC that revolves around a serial killer and a journalist.

When a reporter covering a serial killer comes face to face with the murderer during his latest spree, targeting the city’s priests, she confronts a difficult choice. Does she turn him in or does she use him to exact revenge on her abuser?

The cast features Diosdado’s wife, Vanessa Calderón, as “Daneen,” Lauren Biazzo as the lead “Leah,” Dietrich Teschner as “Aaron,” and Marianne Goodell as “Angelina” (Leah’s mother).

The American debut of Diosdado’s film The Nomad was a red carpet event hosted right in NYC’s Lower East Side.

Katra’s red carpet premiere for The Nomad was held at the esteemed Regal Essex Crossing Cinemas and presented by Digital Ocean.

The night began with photo ops on the red carpet and mingling with the film’s cast and crew. The actors wore glimmering dresses and suits. Calderón even had three outfit changes— and she looked stunning in each one.

Vanessa Calderon on Instagram: “Happy to share with all of you the premiere of my movie @thenomadfilm by filmmaker @daniel_diosdado in @regalessexcrossing in New York..We had a fantastic night..Thank you all for making it real ❤️.Dress by @venchycouture_bridal Showrooms @flyingsolonyc @s.tephaniewenger 💕Sandals @ragandcoofficial Makeup & hair @gabrielleartistry @makeupbyvange Skin coach @nycskincoach at @opulenceglamournyc Body by @thenurturequeen .Photos by @fernandacalfat27 .#premiereinny #nypremiere #thenomad #thriller #venchycouture #flyingsolo”
2,328 Likes, 90 Comments - Vanessa Calderon (@nessacalder) on Instagram: “Happy to share with all of you the premiere of my movie @thenomadfilm by filmmaker @daniel_diosda...”

The Nomad was shown for the first time in the U.S. on a big silver screen at Regal Cinemas.

After the spectators and actors took their seats in the theater, Founder and Director of Katra Film Series, Geoffrey Guerrero introduced Diosdado.

Guerrero shared that this was a full circle moment for him as he has known Diosdado for many years and has watched him blossom as a filmmaker since Diosdado moved to the U.S.

Then the lights went down and we were thrown into Leah and Aaron’s world. The film had twists and turns, romance and loss, serving as a thrilling watch for all of the viewers.

What is The Nomad really about and what does the cast, crew and audience have to say about the film?

The film was carefully crafted and had many beautiful moments where the actors were vulnerable. We see the characters lose loved ones, wrestle with inner demons, and confront their abusers.

The Nomad displayed aspects of religion and how it affects believers. This commentary allowed viewers to question their own beliefs. Does everything happen for a reason? Is God real?

After the film, Diosdado candidly answered that last question for us in a Q&A with the actors.

“God’s not real,” he shrugs. “Well I don’t believe in God.”

He mentioned how the film has a focus on religion and with that comes the aspects of truth and hope.

“Do you know when you’re working hard to find the truth,” Calderón says, “and you finally get to the turn and it can’t really come out because people can’t handle it.”

She references the main antagonist of the film, Aaron, played by Teschner and how he couldn’t handle the truth that’s revealed as the plot goes on.

How did the last line of The Nomad’s antagonist impact the audience and cast?

Many people in the audience found Teschner’s last line to be beautiful and intriguing. Aaron (Teschner) says in the film, “I’d trade all my tomorrows for a single yesterday.”

“I saw it as the disillusionment of his faith,” Teschner claims. “He can’t have faith in the future anymore because he’s already ruined everything."

As for where Diosdado got the inspiration for that line from, he pulled it from a song written by the late Janis Joplin.

“I just stole it from a song,” he laughs. “I was rewriting a scene and I was listening to ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ and I was like ‘Hold on.’ And I fell in love with that line. It’s exactly what I wanted Aaron to say.”

Despite the film’s intense and generally cynical tone, the audience, cast, and crew were delighted by Diosdado’s work.

What do the actors have to say about the premiere and the final product of The Nomad?

“It’s an incredible experience seeing the film on this humongous screen,” leading lady Lauren Biazzo smiles. “I felt lost in the story—which was a good thing because I was in it. I wasn't paying attention to myself."

Calderón spoke to the process and the ultimate product. “We see tiny little details that we want to keep working at,” she says. “But we are finally proud of this great thing we’ve done, and we’re looking forward to you guys enjoying it.”

Like the audience, it was actually Teschner’s first time watching the film. “I couldn’t be happier,” he says, “It’s a unique experience being in a theater in NYC watching the premiere.”

Katra not only hosted the premiere, but The Nomad’s after party as well.

After the lovely discussion with the cast, everyone headed over to Mr. Purple, a rooftop bar known as one of the world’s most beautiful venues of its kind, for the after party. To our surprise it was National Margarita Day, so margs were buy one get one—as if the night couldn’t get any better.

It was wonderful to not only experience the film, but to have a chance to chat with the cast one-on-one and meet their loved ones. It takes a village to create a good film, and an even better director to produce a great one.

Many thanks to Katra Film Series, Daniel Diosdado, and The Nomad cast.

Great job to Daniel Diosdado and the whole cast and crew for making a wonderful film. And thank you to the Katra team for their continuous efforts to support international filmmakers and NYC film fans.

How to watch The Nomad and learn more about the filmmaking process and characters:

Rent or buy the film on Amazon Prime Video now!

After you watch it, come back and have a listen to the writer and director, Daniel Diosdado, speak about the meaning behind the characters and their importance to the message in the film.

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What’s next for Katra Film Series?

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