"Another day, another slay" in the Werk Room begins following the aftermath of last episode's LalapaRuza Smackdown. The queens discuss the fact that they're now the Top 9 of the season. Spice, who previously announced she was entering her "top era" before giving a lackluster performance in the lip syncs, decides that this time she really means it. Mistress Isabelle Brooks declares this her "Congeniality" era, but we know she won't give up on delicious drama. At least, we hope not.

It's not long before RuPaul enters the room to deliver the big news of the day: This is Drag Race's landmark 200th episode, and what better way to celebrate than with a ball! But because this is Season 15, where everyone goes big, it's themed after the 15th anniversary tradition of crystal. So welcome to The Crystal Ball, y'all!

Mini Challenge: Iconic Moments in Drag Race Herstory

The fun kicks off with a quick-drag mini challenge. Cast members will need to get in front of a green screen and "photobomb" iconic moments from the series. Costumed in attention-grabbing outfits from fast-fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing, the contestants waste no time in making their marks.

Salina EsTitties is first up, giving a new twist to Laganja Estranja's death-drop entrance from Season 6. Anetra gets so into her character that she tries to jump into Willow Pill's virally-popular spaghetti and toast bathtub. Malaysia Babydoll Foxx takes on the epic Miss Vanjie meme. Spice tries to ascend to the edge of glory by upstaging Lady Gaga's guest appearance. Luxx Noir London helps push the scene of Vivacious and Ornacia in the Season 6 opener to new heights. Mistress puts extra "pop" into Ru's famous shot with Morgan McMichaels. In a bold and bald look, Marcia Marcia Marcia steals focus from the Season 5 crowning of Jinkx Monsoon. Sasha Colby goes for the gold by inserting herself into RuPaul's photo from Season 7's DESPY Awards. Loosey LaDuca shows she can both sink and swim with her addition to Serena Chacha in the water tank challenge.

When all is said and done, it's Anetra's dynamic cannonball-into-bathtub pose that wins this quick-drag exercise. Then it's time to move things into high gear and high fashion, because The Crystal Ball draws nigh.

The Queens Are Giving A Ball

For this special anniversary ball, the queens will need to serve three sickening looks. First, "Start Your Engines," a new retread of Ru's classic racing suit from the show's title theme. Second, "My Favorite Ball" tasks the girls with reimagining an eleganza style from one of the series' past balls. Third, "Crystallized Eleganza" requires the cast to create their own outfits right in the Werk Room using materials from Zelouf Fabrics and ensuring that they're covered in crystals.

As the reality of the challenge sets in, Spice is immediately nervous. Earlier in the season, she admitted that her twin Sugar was responsible for making all their outfits, meaning this is yet another obstacle ahead that she has to face on her own for the first time. During a walkthrough, Ru and judge Carson Kressley insist that Spice's looks are lacking versatility - or, as Carson says, "personality." Ouch.

It's chaos in the Werk Room as the queens battle it out just for their materials.

There Is Crying In Fashion

Meanwhile, Ru takes a moment with EsTitties to check in on both her design work and her confidence. Though EsTitties is known for her brassiness, this is one of the sole moments the audience has seen past her boisterous character to true vulnerability. There's something lovely about it, but it's also worrying. You know what they say about girls with big screentime (if they aren't Sasha or Anetra).

Speaking of Anetra, she shows her own vulnerability moments later, sharing her tragic family story. Her mother seemed to accept her lifestyle briefly, only to break her heart with betrayal when Mom took her husband (Anetra's stepfather's) side, aligning herself with his toxic views on the LGBTQIA+ community. Anetra's mother kicked her out of the house. Fortunately, her biological father stepped up to be the hero that his child needed, even buying a sewing machine to support her drag.

The Crystal Ball, Round One: Start Your Engines

Onstage, Mama Ru and the judges are joined by this week's guest, actress Julia Garner (leading lady of Inventing Anna and Ozark). For the 200th episode, RuPaul decides to bring in cake and candy, by which she means performing her classic hit "Cake and Candy."

As the sugar high sets in, it's time for Round One of The Crystal Ball: Start Your Engines. Mistress has emblazoned the sayings of every "big girl" contestant in the show's herstory, proving that she puts the "plus" in plus-sized. Spice brings her own dolly interpretation to the racing suit, turning it into a cute minidress. Luxx chooses what she calls a motocross interpretation of the suit, giving the pink outfit more edge with a barely-there top and thigh-high boots. Marcia goes rainbow in her ensemble, playing up her 70s aesthetic with a gorgeous streamlined silhouette. EsTitties goes all blue with a baggy B-girl inspired style. Malaysia chooses something chic and shimmery, somewhere between Hello Kitty pastel dream and futuristic spacewoman. Loosey LaDuca takes the racing metaphor one step further by combining Barbie and Princess Peach traits into a sexy female Speed Racer (although keener eyes will say she looks more like Penelope Pitstop from Wacky Racers). Sasha shows she's truly mother in a champagne-inspired gown that's all cleavage and perfect lines. Anetra pays homage to her heritage with flags from her family's home countries: The Philippines, Japan, Germany, Puerto Rico. In her bright yellow one-piece, she's lemon zest.

The Crystal Ball, Round Two: My Favorite Ball

In the second round, contestants have been directed to do their own interpretations of classic Drag Race ball looks. Who wore it best?

Mistress invokes The Ball Ball with a giant beachball outfit. Marcia chooses The Bag Ball, playing a canvas-covered milkmaid. Malaysia goes for The Hair Ball, clad in fashion-forward black and white with a wig to match. Spice's iteration of The Ball Ball goes more cheerleader with an attitude, since she picks fluffy pom-pom balls to make her punky purple outfit. EsTitties' take on The Money Ball makes her into an EB-Tree, as her palm tree is made of food stamps. Loosey's Bag Ball style is more of a hippie aesthetic, but with the twist that her flower crown is made out of dog-poop bags - guess she's living up to the "dookie" pun on her name. Luxx brings a Thierry Mugler and S&M flair to her coquettish version of The Hair Ball. Sasha makes cannabis lovers everywhere rejoice in her Bag Ball ode to the plant, a rhapsodic rhinestone "bag of Colby Kush, baby!" Anetra wants candy instead, as she dons a dessert-covered catsuit in honor of The Sugar Ball.

The Crystal Ball, Round Three: Crystallized Eleganza

The final round of The Crystal Ball sees the cast showing off the outfits they had to design from scratch. Mistress is a full-on socialite dripping in jewels from big to little that adorn her classic white dress perfectly. Spice brings "disco ball realness" to the runway in a halter top and skirt number that halts her signature trot. Marcia is inspired by Marie Antoinette on top and old-style bordello chic on the bottom for a decked-out blingy ensemble. Malaysia returns to her love of pinks and pastels with a clingy beaded outfit. EsTitties almost seems to invoke peak Jennifer Lopez in her simple yet skin-bearing sleeveless dress. Loosey channels her episodes of anger at being safe into the character of a pageant girl who cracked under the pressure of not getting the win. Luxx is a delicate ice fairy in a Swarovski-inspired tutu look. Sasha gives us one touch of Venus, with coral and gold surrounding her as she could practically emerge from a half-shell. Anetra makes the grand finale with a callback to her entrance look. Yes, she's in spikes again, but this time they're the crystalline spikes of a woman who owns the world.

Who's On Top?

Sasha Colby disappoints no one with the construction of her amazing ensembles. Unsurprisingly, the judges select her as the winner of The Crystal Ball.

Lip Sync For Your Life: Who's Going Home?

It's determined that Spice and Salina EsTitties are the bottom two and will be lip syncing for their lives. Though Spice has been a fan favorite all season, that love isn't enough to save her this time. EsTitties wins the lip sync, and our beloved little punk doll is forced to sashay away.

Check out Spice's exit interview on WHATCHA PACKIN':

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