Some called it the best party of 2023 - and we were only just into Q1 - but to Team Honeysuckle, our epic event at Cookies NYC was once in a lifetime. To celebrate our milestone 15th issue, we organized a major bash that would be called the FOMO Party. The gathering was perfectly timed to the print edition’s launch, Black History Month, and New York Fashion Week, all great opportunities for New York’s cannabis community to party in style.

Watch highlights from Honeysuckle's Cookies NYC FOMO Party:

Honeysuckle's Takeover Of Cookies NYC With NoDubz Trendy Brit, Certz, Young Money, And More

In partnership with content creator NoDubz Trendy Brit and powerhouse cannabis brand Certz, Honeysuckle took over Cookies’s flagship store in the middle of Herald Square for the night. The distinctive blue building was lit up from street level to rooftop, five floors of music, food and drink, premium cannabis education, and community networking like no other. Thanks to Cookies, Certz, Camus Cognac, The Sweet Chick, Shake Shack, and Lil Wayne and Mack Maine’s label Young Money, treats and entertainment could easily fit anyone’s tastes. A line stretched around the block throughout most of the evening as attendees waited to enter the garden of earthly delights.

Jim Jones and Mellow Rackz at the Cookies NYC FOMO Party (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture

Who Performed At The Cookies NYC FOMO Party? Jim Jones, Mellow Rackz, And J. Period Headlined

Climbing to the rooftop deck, they’d find themselves in an intimate arena that magically held hundreds of people as acclaimed artists took center stage. Hip hop legend Jim Jones headlined. As a founding member of The Diplomats and a cannabis advocate who co-founded the brand Saucey Farms and Extracts with jeweler Alex Todd, Jones set the tone for the Cookies FOMO Party - go big or go home. While he performed, the rapper saluted fellow producer and industry icon Shiest Bubz, one of many VIPs on the guest list.

The 15th issue cover artist herself, Mellow Rackz, slinked from her appearance at Fashion Week to her energetic set at the Cookies FOMO Party with the air of a 1970s Studio 54 star. Her transitions were seamless, her vibrant glamour in full force. Mellow, as the rising star of Young Money, got everyone in the mood for a “Rich Bitch Party” by performing her single of the same name. (Check out the track, which features art by Honeysuckle’s Creative Director Sam C. Long!) Other musical acts in the lineup included Live Like Davis, Kelow Latesha, DJ Nolita, and the award-winning J. Period of The Hamilton Mixtape brought the beats all the way home through midnight.

Jim Jones (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture
Mellow Rackz (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture
J. Period (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture
DJ Nolita (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture
Kelow Latesha (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture
Live Like Davis (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture
Grammy-nominated artist Divine RBG (center) with Black Ink Crew cast members Krystal Kills (left) and Joshua "Rokmatic" Whittaker (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture

Which Cannabis And Cultural Notables Turned Out For The Cookies NYC FOMO Party?

Grammy-nominated artist Divine RBG of dead prez and The D.E.Y. was in the house to share his thoughts on the history of hip hop, in an accordant nod to 2023 being the genre’s official 50th anniversary. Umi (Umi Bem Niilampti) of the dead prez family also came out to show the community love. Rapper and street fashion entrepreneur ASAP Ferg joined the fun. Journalist and media personality ItsBizkit, known as “the biggest blogger in the world,” added his aura to the event. Tattoo artists Krystal Kills and Joshua “Rokmatic” Whittaker of VH1’s Black Ink Crew dropped by to take in the scene. Fashion entrepreneurs GSTAR and Sire Vert rocked on the rooftop. Cannabis industry notables abounded, from Certz’s own trifecta of Steph.V, Euro V, and AngelDustCEO who “blessed the house” to the trailblazing GOAT Branson, Seth Zaplin, Ken Darby of DeLisioso, Mario Ramos of I Bud You, Peter Mercado Reyes of On The Revel, Karen Meshkov of KMesh Cann, Mr. Puffington, and many others.

Mr. Puffington (right) and Rokmatic (left) test the smoke cannon (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture
GSTAR and Sire Vert (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture
Euro V and DJ Nolita (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture

Who Sponsored The Cookies NYC FOMO Party?

From level to level, refreshments flowed and new experiences were delivered up. Demonstrations included smoke cannons and Zenco’s tabletop vapes. Supporting the FOMO Party’s headlining sponsors were a host of partners whose presence heightened the magic in the room:

Toasting to Honeysuckle, Cookies NYC and Camus Cognac (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture
Gotti got lots of attention in the vending area (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture
AngelDustCEO at the Certz table (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture
Honeysuckle Creative Director Sam C. Long and founder Ronit Pinto (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @who.shotyuh @sinematic.studios @tissuekulture

Was Honeysuckle's Cookies NYC FOMO Party The Best Party Of 2023?

In the Cookies NYC VIP room, where artists and their guests snacked on hot chicken tenders and desserts, it felt as though time had slowed briefly so everyone could just enjoy the moment. Attorney Jeffrey Hoffman declared it “the party of the year!”

“It’s hard to realize how lit this Honeysuckle Magazine [event] actually was,” Ken Darby later commented on Instagram, reflecting on the radiating vibrations of the night.

His statement may be true - if you weren’t there. But for those who stopped even for a moment in that crush of activity, they knew those sensations made too much of an impression to be imagined. The warmth of strangers becoming friends, the bonding over smoke and sparkles, the throbbing sounds of hip hop’s mingled generations… It all rose to greet and embrace you. Then, ephemeral as such events are, even when you stepped into the outside world again, you’d still have the noise, the energy, the vivaciousness of New York City itself. This may have been a Cookies FOMO Party, but it was a loving microcosm of everything we know and wish for our city to be. History happened in Manhattan and we, for those hours at least just happened to be at the center of the greatest city in the world.

Honeysuckle thanks Cookies, Certz, NoDubz Trendy Brit, Young Money, Camus Cognac, The Sweet Chick, and all of our partners, artists, production team, and community members for an amazing event!

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Featured image: Exterior shot of Honeysuckle's Cookies NYC FOMO Party, with artists on the rooftop (C) Tishawn Fahie / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tishawnfahie