Mellow Rackz, known as one of America’s fastest rising talents, is headed to California to launch the GKUA VIP Party Series!

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Mellow Rackz: Young Money's Rising Star

As an artist signed to Young Money, the prestigious hip-hop label founded by Lil Wayne and operated by rapper Mack Maine as its President, Mellow Rackz is a musical and social media star whose entry into public life has been phenomenal from day one. Born to a Haitian mother, she hails from Broward, Florida. You may have seen her on the red carpet at the 2022 BET Awards, heard her singles “Diamonds” or “What I Want” (the latter garnering over 1.4 million views on YouTube), or seen her onstage at this summer’s Rolling Loud Miami. In fact, she was named Miami’s Best Hip-Hop Act of 2022!

That’s why Mellow Rackz is the perfect artist to headline the inaugural GKUA VIP Party Series, an experience created by Young Money, Lil Wayne’s cannabis brand GKUA Ultra Premium, and Weedmaps to allow fans to party, network, and elevate with Weezy’s weed and tribe.

GKUA, Weedmaps And Young Money Announce GKUA VIP Party Series

The GKUA VIP Party series connects cannabis enthusiasts with access to a series of exclusive private parties featuring Young Money artists, local talent, and great locations. The GKUA team says, “GKUA is Lil Wayne’s Weed and everyone knows Wayne loves to party…so, we do it right!”

Beau Golob, President of GKUA, stated that the brand’s GKUA Inspired program has been part of the company’s mission since its founding and “seeks to connect inspired artists and Lil Wayne‘s Weed with local audiences across the legal states.”

On August 24, 2022, the first in the series of GKUA VIP Parties will feature Mellow Racks performing at Temple SF in San Francisco for budtenders and GKUA VIP guests. Temple SF is one of the most popular clubs in the Bay Area, with the hottest list of international DJs, multiple levels of dance floors, walls of video screens, full bars and a rooftop area.

What Is Weedmaps Saying About Working With Lil Wayne, GKUA And Young Money?

GKUA teamed up with Weedmaps, the party sponsor, to give away VIP tickets at dispensaries across the Bay Area. Weedmaps is connecting visitors to dispensaries offering GKUA products and tickets to this inaugural GKUA VIP Party.

Andrew Hagstrom, Head of Global Partnerships at Weedmaps, spoke about the cannabis giant’s enthusiasm for collaborating with Lil Wayne’s brands. In a conversation with MJ News Network’s Veronica Castillo, he said, “We are always on the lookout for brands and individuals that align with our mission and are synonymous with cannabis culture – Lil Wayne’s GKUA brand is a great example of this and we are excited to collaborate with this brand, kicking off with the GKUA VIP Party Series in the Bay Area.”

The Weedmaps team’s overall comment on the series? “The idea of the parties is to provide a dynamic fun environment, with just enough people to give it energy, and mix in a full bar, amazing DJs, our guest MC, Young Money‘s Mellow Rackz, an inspired audience, and let’s dance!”

GKUA Talks Young Money, Creativity, And Mellow Rackz

For the GKUA team’s part, they agree their brand is focused on collaboration and bringing artists and creatives of all kinds together. “People are ready to get out this summer and move their bodies and feel inspired and that is what GKUA is all about,” they said in a statement.

It’s clear the GKUA and Young Money cohorts feel like family. When asked to describe Mellow Rackz for new audiences, GKUA reps responded, “She is an amazing talent. She is a fresh artist on the scene with Young Money and Lil Wayne. She’s on her way into the lives of music lovers everywhere.”

Music and cannabis fans can get GKUA products and VIP tickets at select dispensaries in California's Bay Area. Mellow Rackz headlines the first GKUA VIP Party Series on August 24, 2022 at Temple SF in San Francisco. For more information on the event and GKUA products, visit or the brand's page on

Stay tuned for more from Mellow Rackz in Honeysuckle's upcoming print edition!

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