Following MJBizCon, the cannabis industry’s largest international event of the year, FlowerHire brought together nearly 500 attendees in Las Vegas at Smoke and Magic. As the cannabis sector’s leading recruitment agency, FlowerHire, as their motto goes, is talent in cannabis. When looking at the beauty of the Smoke and Magic event, it’s clear that such talent extends from recruitment to production, to the intangible chemistry of knowing just which elements to mix to bring forth an ephemeral but impactful experience.

Check out the highlights from FlowerHire's Smoke and Magic:

What Is FlowerHire’s Smoke and Magic?

“Party with a purpose is always the mission,” said Amirose Eisenbach, FlowerHire’s Head of Events and Community Relations. “We strive to create a memorable experience while also doing some good. As we keep trying to move the industry forward, we’re extremely thoughtful about each curated detail and individual we bring into the room. It’s truly all about community.”

Smoke and Magic came to life with the glamour of a classic Vegas revue. Fire dancers greeted guests, high-end glass and exquisite dabs beckoned, and industry executives mingled to celebrate another year of progress.

Cannabis industry leaders mix and mingle at Smoke and Magic (C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture
Guests were treated to many different kinds of edible and drinkable goodies (C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Who Sponsored FlowerHire’s Smoke and Magic?

The event’s sponsors included payroll solutions brand Paragon, award-winning advisory and tax firm CohnReznick, digital community platform Greenhaus, legendary globally-renowned glassblowing brand Jerome Baker Designs, pre-order pickup company SafeArbor, luxury cannabis and concentrate brand Bloomfield, AI technology recruiting service engin sciences, and the Arcview Women’s Inclusion Network. Honeysuckle was honored to be among these companies as Smoke and Magic’s media sponsor.

Jason Harris, co-founder of Jerome Baker Designs, commented, "There is something really special about the mix of people we had there, from roots to suits. It’s like the wire from the top bankers, to the budtender. We really had everyone – the whole industry – represented at that party.”

When attendees walked into the night’s curated CannaVillage activation, they were also greeted with delicious edibles and drinkables from AYR, Cann, City Trees, FlowerOne, Oasis, and Wana Brands.

FlowerHire founder and CEO David Belsky holds court at Smoke and Magic (C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture
The Smoke and Magic CannaLadies Lounge (C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Women Leading in Cannabis: The Smoke and Magic CannaLadies Lounge

Surely Smoke and Magic’s standout feature was the CannaLadies Lounge, an activation designed by FlowerHire, the Arcview Women’s Inclusion Network and Greenhaus to bring more visibility to the women-owned and female-fronted brands doing innovative work in cannabis. In this space, where conversations could be held in a more sparkling and intimate setting, guests could sample flavorful products made by women, for women. Spotlight discussions gave the floor to powerhouse women leading the way, speaking on a vast array of topics from the New York cannabis market to diversifying the industry. Kristina Lopez Adduci of House of Puff, Sasha Perelman of Revolver and The Stone Age, Jill Jacoby of HUB International, Gabby Pavelko of Terpli, and Scheril Murray Powell of the JUSTUS Foundation communicated some necessary truths to the audience that night.

Sarah Falvo, Director of Programming and the Women’s Inclusion Network at Arcview, stated, “Some of the women behind Arcview's Women's Inclusion Network, FlowerHire and Greenhaus decided to join forces and create a space and experience that was missing from other cannabis events. We wanted to curate an event that brought together the network of women we collectively have (which is far-reaching) and facilitate introductions and conversations that would make an impact. It was so wonderful to share the evening with such powerful women in the space, from all verticals of the industry.”

The CannaLadies Lounge created a whole ecosystem of sensational brands and women for the event, including Acannability, Canna Curious, Chamber of Cannabis, Ensemble Brands, Hautebox, High Priestess, House of Puff, HUB International, Ice Miller, JUSTUS Foundation, L8, Marcum, Pink Fox, TONIC, and Willow Industries.

Women gathered for intimate discussions at the CannaLadies Lounge (C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture
(C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

What Are Cannabis Industry Leaders Saying About FlowerHire’s Smoke and Magic?

Mary Stuart Lawrence, VP of Sales & Marketing at Greenhaus

“It was amazing to see the turnout and participation in the CannaLadies Lounge activation. People seemed genuinely excited about having a way to connect with others in a more intimate setting that went beyond just the typical networking small talk.”

Matt Wich, COO at Phinest Cannabis Nursery

“The craziest thing about that party was seeing people who I hadn’t seen in years who I’ve done business with. I also saw some great people I recently made contact with. There were just so many cool connections to be made with people serious about helping cannabis develop into what it needs to be. It was the best time.”

Brian McVicker, Vice President of Growth & Revenue at Paragon

“The exclamation point of another successful MJBiz was FlowerHire’s Smoke and Magic event! The perfect combination of an exclusive guest list, incredible experiences and a phenomenal venue!”

Often, they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But when it’s as significant for industrial development as Smoke and Magic, we say tell everyone you know that FlowerHire puts on one heck of an intentional community-building party.

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