Lauren A. Hood

Lauren A. Hood

Lauren A. Hood is a native Detroiter and AfroUrbanist working at the intersection of Black aspiration and city change. Applying a reparations lens to the work, Lauren employs the strategies of storytelling, visioning, and relationship building to addressing a community’s past harms, present needs and future hopes and dreams. Credentialed and experienced as both a community developer and equity facilitator, she holds space for otherwise difficult conversations that allow practitioners and citizen stakeholders to understand and value each others contributions while working toward transformational outcomes.


The Case for AfroUrbanism

AfroUrbanism centers the lived experience of black people in the design and creation of black communities. It puts black culture...

Gentrification in Detroit

Gentrification. Argh, the very sound of the word evokes a visceral sensation in my gut. It seems to be the...

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