New Yorkers, 40 Tons is hiring! The Black and woman-owned social impact brand, renowned for its criminal justice advocacy and providing second chances to people with cannabis convictions, makes its official entry into the Empire State marketplace this week. Thanks to new partnerships with state-licensed processor HPI Canna and adult-use dispensary CONBUD, 40 Tons is about to offer many different experiences on the East Coast, from flower to job training. 

40 Tons founder and CEO Loriel Alegrete (C) Emily Eizen @emilyeizen

What Is 40 Tons? The Social Impact Cannabis Brand Advocating For Justice-Impacted Communities

Founded by Loriel Alegrete, the multistate 40 Tons was created when her husband Anthony and lifelong friend Corvain Cooper were incarcerated on cannabis convictions. Thankfully, both men are now out of prison, and the power trio has grown the company into a strong resource to shed light on the problems in our justice system. 

40 Tons At New York Cannabis Retail Association's Industry Party

Now, as 40 Tons emerges onto the scene for New Yorkers, the brand begins with some incredibly unique activations that give back across the entire supply chain. They start on Saturday, January 20th with an appearance at the New York Cannabis Retail Association’s (NYCRA) Industry Party in Brooklyn. The event, taking place in Bushwick’s Fine & Raw Chocolate Factory, will be the first chance for industry stakeholders to network with the 40 Tons team. (Get your tickets now on Eventbrite!)

*Editor's Note: Find out all about the NYCRA Industry Party here.

For co-founder and Brand Ambassador Corvain Cooper, the date is especially significant. “January 20th marks three years since my release from serving a life sentence,” he says, “and it feels so empowering to now help create opportunities for those overcoming similar challenges." 

(C) 40 Tons

40 Tons Is Hiring! Public Meet-And-Greet At CONBUD Dispensary

Then on Sunday, January 21st, 2 to 4PM, New Yorkers can visit CONBUD at 85 Delancey Street for a public meet-and-greet with 40 Tons. Both events will also serve as recruitment forums, because 40 Tons is seeking brand ambassadors and account representatives along the East Coast. 

Coming Soon: 40 Tons Flower And Prerolls Produced With HPI Canna

CONBUD will also be one of the state-licensed dispensaries in New York where consumers can soon find 40 Tons-branded flower and prerolls, produced in partnership with HPI Canna. Over the next few weeks, the cannabis products will roll out to stores throughout the state. 

“This collaboration is the beginning of a collective community effort to support legacy cannabis operators in New York from the supply chain to retail,” comments Sephida Artis-Mills, Chief Strategy Officer of HPI Canna. “We’re honored to not only provide the state with quality products, but also assist in the advancement of social justice initiatives with leading brands like 40 Tons.”

“I believe this partnership with 40 Tons is a step toward reshaping the narrative surrounding cannabis nationally,” states CONBUD founder and CEO Coss Marte. “By uniting forces, we can bridge the gap between the best cannabis experiences and our shared mission to empower, educate, and uplift those impacted by injustice.” (Marte, who also had a history of cannabis convictions, has dedicated CONBUD and his fitness brand CONBODY to employing formerly incarcerated people and telling their stories.)

(C) 40 Tons / HPI Canna

Exclusive 40 Tons Product Launch With Chef For Higher In Brooklyn

The 40 Tons fun keeps going on Thursday, January 25th as the team gears up for an exclusive, by-invitation-only launch party in Brooklyn from 7 to 11PM, hosted with famed culinary culture brand Chef For Higher. Led by “Hawaii” Mike Salman, a legendary pioneer of all things hip hop, food, and cannabis, Chef For Higher now has a curated line of essentials and confections available in the New York market that elevate home cooking and inspire responsible consumption through proper dosing. At the private launch event, 40 Tons will showcase products, show an exclusive sneak peek of a 15-minute documentary as well as engage in a fireside chat. 

“My family is from New York, and I used to trap here 20 years ago, so this feels like a sort of homecoming for me,” says 40 Tons co-founder and Chief Operations Officer Anthony Alegrete. “As someone who knows the history and deeply respects the New York culture, it’s important to me that these roots are reflected in our brand.” 

If 40 Tons’ mission for justice resonates with you, come on out and share your story with the team! There has never been a better time for the Empire State’s cannabis community to get activated and change lives. 

Join 40 Tons for a public meet-and-greet / recruitment event on Sunday, January 21, 2024 from 2 to 4PM at CONBUD, 85 Delancey Street in Manhattan. Walk on in! Visit or for more information.

The 40 Tons launch with Chef For Higher takes place on Thursday, January 25, 2024 from 7 to 11PM at 240 Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn. ADMISSION BY INVITATION ONLY. For questions about RSVPs, email To learn more about upcoming Chef For Higher events and products, visit For more about the 40 Tons products coming to New York, follow HPI Canna on Instagram at @hpicanna.     

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