Mark Kazinec is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Best in Grass, putting the power in the people’s hands to help identify and award the best cannabis products in each state, and maximizing the feedback for cultivators and processors

Mark Kazinec: From Talent Management To High Times

Kazinec's life started in South Florida, moved to Cleveland, Ohio, then to New York City where his traditional marketing career began. After moving to Los Angeles, California, Kazinec worked in the talent agency world, booking tours for live musicians and standup comedians around the country. His work at the talent agencies caught the attention of High Times, who brought him over to hone his skills in event production, talent booking, and running all operations for the Cannabis Cups.

When not working, you can catch Mark, or Kaz as friends call him, at the skatepark teaching skateboarding - or in the kitchen making breakfast sandwiches, which he also used to hustle on the side. 

Mark Kazinec, co-founder / Chief Operating Officer, Best in Grass. Courtesy of Mark Kazinec.

What Are The Best In Grass Awards?

The Best in Grass (BiG) Awards are born from a combined 12 years of experience running the world’s largest cannabis competitions. The competitions serve to identify and award the best licensed cannabis products in each State via an open-to-the-public, democratic judging process. We provide the opportunity for everyday consumers - the people who spend their hard-earned money at the dispensaries to support your local brands - to test products and determine what they like and dislike.

Cultivators and processors will submit their best products into the competition, the BiG team will create one-of-a-kind Judge Kits to be distributed by dispensaries across the state, and real everyday consumers, plus a few industry professionals, will anonymously judge all products at home over 4-8 weeks. All of this feedback will go back to the entrants as a value add.

Best of all, the competitors, judges, and brands will celebrate in-person at a live event where the winners will be crowned.

The first BiG competition is currently running in Michigan. Judge's Kits are now available at 25 retail locations across the state. To get involved or to suggest cannabis brands in your state to be judged, check out or follow on Instagram.

Courtesy of Mark Kazinec.

Mark Kazinec's "Simple Moments" Weedsday Playlist

For his Weedsday Playlist, Mark Kazinec chose songs that symbolize his life’s journey with the plant. He says, “This playlist is inspired by various chapters and moments of my life while consuming cannabis daily for the past 15 years. Songs that remind me of the childish nature of life, some that engulf me in the beauty of simple moments such as staring out the plane window or watching the sunset, and others that just make you want to get high with your homies and laugh with loved ones.”

Cam'Ron Featuring Juelz Santana - "Hey Ma"

“Hey Ma” has been a trusty banger since its inception in 2002, and especially later during my college years in Lower Manhattan. I’d often be rolling a joint on the couch at the party and then stealing the aux cord to DJ, and this one always brought the vibes up. Listen to this one on the weekend when you’re ready to smoke and keep the energy high. We gon’ get it on tonight! 

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Celia Cruz - "La Vida Es Un Carnaval"

As a Cuban Jew growing up in South Florida, Latin music was all around me. Celia Cruz was the pinnacle for my family parties. I didn’t smoke weed during my Florida childhood years, but after moving to Ohio for high school where there was very little Latin influence, I brought this gem with me to show the Midwestern suburbanites what Hispanic energy was all about. Roll a fatty, light this up, and hit the dance floor. 

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The Rolling Stones - "Can You Hear The Music"

This is one for cruising down the highway, windows down, smoking your favorite indica-dominant hybrid and just letting the melody take over. As one of the more psychedelic and atmospheric selections from the Stones, it’s been a perfect tune used in artistic skateboarding videos like Inhabitants by Habitat. A solid 5 and half minute song to indulge your mind and body in. 

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People Under The Stairs - "Acid Raindrops"

“When the stress burns my brain just like acid raindrops, Mary Jane is the only thing that makes the pain stop.” What an iconic line that resonates with any cannabis enthusiast, and certainly resonated with a young high schooler who found cannabis as a perfect alternative to alcohol when it was time to put the books down. I actually loved school and typically got good grades, something that wasn’t necessarily “cool” at the time, but my love for cannabis and hip-hop made me “cooler” and brought me into circles that I wouldn’t have been in otherwise. Pack your car with friends and jam to this as if you’re in high school.

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Billie Eilish And Astronomyy - "Ocean Eyes (Astronomyy Remix)"

One of the more vibey playlist selections, this one gets your heart pumping in an oddly relaxing way. The classic Billie Eilish vocals plus Astronmyy’s unique twist on production make this a winner. I like to listen to this on the plane, watching the clouds slowly pass by, thinking about all the wonderful people and things in my life. Sadly, I have to keep my joint unlit on the plane for this one, but right when I land, you know what the deal is. 

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Featured image: Mark Kazinec, co-founder / Chief Operating Officer, Best in Grass. Courtesy of Mark Kazinec.