Being an adult comes with endless responsibilities, from paying bills to career goals to having a social life.  As we continue on with our daily lives, it’s important to prioritize our mental health and overall well-being.

Thankfully, KANHA is doing just that. One of the most popular edible brands on the market, KANHA prides themselves in providing the best tasting THC gummies, made with the highest quality ingredients and cannabis oils.

Watch highlights from KANHA's event with yoga master DeAndre Sinette:

KANHA And Yoga Master DeAndre Sinette Host Event In Venice, California

On Saturday, March 9th, KANHA hosted an exclusive yoga and meditation session with instructor DeAndre Sinette. Taking place at an adorable spot in Venice called little lunch coffee + snacks, the intimate gathering proved to be the perfect way to kick off the weekend, with goodie bags provided by KANHA. Boxed Water also partnered with the event, supplying plenty of hydration.

The theme? Smart Gummies To Set Your Mood.

What Is DeAndre Sinette Saying About KANHA's Cannabis Gummies?

Honeysuckle spoke with DeAndre Sinette about the exciting, full circle collaboration.

“KANHA was the first gummy that I ever tried when I moved to California,” Sinette states. “I love KANHA, I’ve been using KANHA for so long. I love the way it activates my nervous system. These new gummies have been absolutely incredible, especially the Sleep one. I like sleep gummies, but usually what happens when I take sleep gummies is I don't wake up feeling refreshed. These Sleep gummies, I don't have a hangover at all. It's amazing. To be able to teach for this brand that I absolutely believe in and that I use somewhat regularly has been super beautiful.”

KANHA's FX Smart Gummies (C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju

Which New Flavors Do The KANHA FX Smart Gummies Come In?

While cannabis has historically been known to enhance any experience, it was especially apparent at this event incorporating the KANHA FX Smart Gummies with yoga and meditation. Initially introduced in 2022, the newest flavors of this popular line of gummies include Energy FX (Citrus Splash), Love FX (Raspberry Rose), and Sleep FX (Marionberry Plum). Each guest in attendance was gifted a care package with all three flavors.

(C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju

DeAndre Sinette On KANHA Yoga, Mental Health, And Cannabis Wellness

Sinette explains the purpose of his class with KANHA, centered around love, self-love and the journey of mental health.

He explains, Mental health is a serious journey, but at the same time, we need to bring some lightness to it. We can’t be in the shadow in the dark. We have to allow ourselves to enjoy the process of healing as well. This class is really a celebration of life and a celebration of being connected to each other. To have a good time.”

Sinette currently teaches at Alo Yoga in the Pacific Palisades, specializing in vinyasa, flow to stretch, and yoga nidra. It was there that he met Angela Cheng, Chief Marketing Officer at Sunderstorm (KANHA’s parent company), who is one of Sinette’s dedicated students. The rest was history!

“KANHA is really amazing,” Sinette concludes. “They have amazing products that are doctor formulated, that allow us to become our best selves with cannabis. I'm really elated to be a part of this community and space.”

For more about KANHA, visit To learn more about DeAndre Sinette, follow @mindfuldeandre on Instagram.


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Featured image: Yoga master DeAndre Sinette hosts the KANHA yoga and meditation session at little lunch in Venice, CA (C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju