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On Wednesday, March 27th, GOAT Global’s South LA location hosted their first ever Smokerz & Friendz event from 3pm to 7pm, giving back to the cannabis community in a major way. Taking place at 2528 South Central Avenue, the highly-anticipated gathering featured all the best brands in the game, including Space Packs, Sluggers, Torch, Street Kings, and more.

What Is GOAT Global?

As previously reported, GOAT Global is a curated retail, consumption and entertainment platform, who prides themselves in offering customers the best of the best when it comes to the cannabis industry. With the success of the South Los Angeles store, where the company began, it's no surprise that they opened a celebrated location in West Hollywood. GOAT Global Westwood and Humboldt have since become storied venues. But it seems only right that Smokerz & Friendz should launch at the original.

Why Did GOAT Global Launch The Smokerz & Friendz Event?

The Smokerz & Friendz event was a full-blown smokeout, with guests able to smoke and enjoy each other’s company, while getting to meet their favorite brands face to face. The whole idea stemmed from one of the store managers named Luhky, who curated the event from start to finish.

“Honestly, it's bringing everybody together,” Luhky states. “It’s a lot of good people in the industry that have been in it for such a long time. It's great to have a spot where I can bring all the homies together. All at the same time, a lot of consumers or customers get to enjoy the process. Meet all the people that make the companies, they get to interact.”

Activations And Special Guest Lush From Space Packs At Smokerz & Friendz

The evening saw a guest appearance from Lush from Space Packs, who had a time smoking with his fellow stoners, and was hosted by Tanya Dalilah. Guests enjoyed loud music, activations, free food, and all the vibes. Most of the time, you have to buy something to enter the event. But this time, they made it free for the community to come vibe out, try the product, and see what it is that goes behind these amazing brands.

GOAT Global's Smokerz & Friendz Launches Off-Metrc Apparel In Retail

The event also served as the retail launch for Off-Metrc, debuting their new black and white hoodies. The theme? Corporate trappers.

Off-Metric founder Nick Williams states, “We're a cannabis apparel group brought to you by metric wizards, tastemakers, playmakers, people from the industry. On or off or all one. For every front door you see, there's always two or three back.”

Speaking on the collaboration with GOAT Global, Williams states, “This is a great opportunity. It's a way for us to gauge sales and see what we can bring to the industry. We don't sell any cannabis, but we're part of the culture. A lot of our customers don't want to put their address or billing info into a website online, so they'd rather come pick it up in person. Cash is king, COD.” 

For Luhky, someone who’s been in the industry since 2011, giving back to the community is extremely important. Everyone who works at GOAT Global shares the same values, especially when the customers are buying $70 eighths! 

For more about GOAT Global, visit goatglobal.com.


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