Kieryn Wang is a cannabis marketer focused on harnessing digital communities and experiential activations to bring consumers and collaborators together. She always works to break the stigma of women who consume cannabis.

Kieryn Wang: Founder of ALMOSTCONSULTING, A Driver of InclusiveBase

In 2018, Wang founded ALMOSTCONSULTING, a digital and experiential marketing firm for cannabis, spirits, and wellness brands. ALMOSTCONSULTING has partnered with Cannaclusive, a multifaceted collective that provides resources for BIPOC-owned businesses in the cannabis industry, to bring a new and improved database to life. InclusiveBase (formerly the POC Cannabis Business Directory) is a space for BIPOC-owned businesses to connect and engage with each other’s services, and for non-BIPOC communities to obtain goods and services from BIPOC entrepreneurs and organizations.

Connection, Community, and Cannabis

Through all Wang’s projects, she emphasizes the values of the four Cs: connection, conversation, collaboration, and community. This is a mantra she shares even on her website. “I strongly believe that communication and clear goal setting make all the difference in working relationships,” her mission statement reads. “While understanding your own brand values and how to effectively share them, makes all the difference in business success.”

Her work has included projects for well-known brands including Marley Natural, Kiskanu, Culinary and Cannabis, Ardent, and many more. The thought leader has also been featured on platforms such as Vice to talk about the power of experiential marketing in business ventures.

*Editor's Note: Want to know which songs Tamara Anderson of Culinary and Cannabis chose for her Weedsday Playlist? Check them out here!

Kieryn Wang, founder of ALMOSTCONSULTING (C) Sarah Wolfe 

Kieryn Wang's Peaceful Weedsday Playlist

With her Weedsday Playlist, Wang selected the best tracks to put herself in a free and open state of mind. “These songs simply bring me peace. Whenever I hear them, I relax. I'm at ease. I find my entire body releasing tension. I hope that for you, too. Great songs for unwinding, enjoying whatever you're smoking or sipping or consuming (whether that's cannabis, hemp, psilocybin, etc). Happy listening!”

Jorja Smith and Preditah - "On My Mind"

A timeless jam. I love this song because it's easy to sing along to, but also easy to just chill and enjoy. You can get up and dance or you can sink deeper into the couch cushions. Either way, it's the right song for the moment. Especially with a joint or bong in hand.

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Neil Frances - "Music Sounds Better With You"

I know plenty of people are going to chime in that they prefer the original Stardust track. But anyone who knows me knows I love a good remix. I personally prefer this version because it feels much more mellow. Better pace for my smoke sesh, less frantic energy. To each their own, though.

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RM of BTS and Anderson .Paak - "Still Life"

I mean, I considered making this whole playlist BTS related, but I figured I would throw in some other faves. You knew I couldn't let you leave without at least one Bangtan shoutout though, right? I highly recommend listening to the entire Indigo album (which this track is from). It flows from beginning to end and is perfect for any sesh whether solo or with friends. But I'll just give you a taste with this song. I love the meaning behind it, but it's also just a great tune. Highly recommend enjoying the music video while you're at it.

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Kiana Ledé Featuring Pell - "I Choose You"

I debated which Kiana Ledé song to include here. Honestly, any of her songs would be great for your sesh. But this is one of my favorites from her. I don't know what exactly inspired me to choose this one... if it was the audio or the vocals or a combination of it all. I recommend checking out her acoustic cover of it, too. Just pure auditory magic.

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RM of BTS - “Trivia 承 : Love”

I mean, if you gave me more than five songs to choose, I'd have way more than just RM on this playlist. It makes him seem like my bias, which he's actually not. But I couldn't leave without including my favorite song in the whole wide world. Everything about this song brings me joy and what's better than smoking to something that brings you joy? Definitely check out the English lyrics, the lyricism is out of this world. But it's a great listen regardless. Enjoy!

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For more about ALMOSTCONSULTING, visit To learn more about InclusiveBase, click here.

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