On February 24, the educational organization Cannaware put on a networking event meant for canna-preneurs, canna-business owners, and otherwise like-minded individuals to get out the everyday mush of corporate America and enjoy themselves in a safe space meant to relax and enjoy the plant.

Hosted at Brooklyn’s Rise Radio, a cafe, bar, and plant-based kitchen, Cannaware’s Elevated Vibes event featured canna-bingo, a rolling station, a dab station, and more. It was the second of the group’s monthly series for 2023; their third will take place on Friday, March 24th, 6-11PM at the same venue.

The Cannaware Platoon

Organized in 2017 by Grizzly Bocourt, Cannaware’s mission is to equalize New York’s new legal cannabis market not only through education and advocacy, but by also providing the space and events– for networking and otherwise– for cannabis educators, enthusiasts, patients, and experts alike.

The Cannaware Platoon, as they refer to themselves, is a group of community members who volunteer to make Cannaware’s mission possible. Some from “underserved communities that face problems that [they] cannot address alone,” the platoon of volunteers provide support to make those changes possible.

(C) Cannaware

Elevated Vibes: A Cannaware Event

Immediately upon checking in, the hostess handed me a goody bag: free with an RSVP! She mentioned that with the goody bag came a drink ticket, good for one cannabis-infused mocktail sponsored by Rise Radio. Also included in the gift bag:

  • A 0.5g preroll from Kings Greens
  • Two packs of rolling papers from Curved Papers
  • One pre-roll/lighter holder known as The Clinger
  • A specialized reusable glass pre-roll from Pre-Packs featuring the month’s Elevated Vibes graphics
  • A thick mat for rigs or other large smoking apparatuses from Cookies

Rise Radio’s resident DJ set the tone for the night, the music slowly amping up the sound as the night went on. By the time I was leaving, there were already a few people towards the front of the space dancing along and vibing: exactly what Cannaware intended.

Throughout the night, people drifted to and from the bar featuring not only creative and fun alcoholic beverages, but just as fun and just as creative cannabis-infused mocktails. My personal choice? Karkade, a carefully curated and shaken mocktail featuring hibiscus, mint syrup, lime, cinnamon and a drop of cannabis tincture.

The covered and heated but still outdoor patio is where the majority of canna-enthusiasts met and networked with others. Unsurprisingly, the patio was canna-friendly, and it was here where HiFive Edible Wonders provided the group with a dab station.

Motaria at Elevated Vibes (C) Cannaware

Elevated Vibes Got Cannabis Games

Elevated Vibes also featured a rolling station and rolling contest sponsored by Kreaky Products, and plenty of games for cannabis enthusiasts. Pat Wright, Cannaware’s Community Outreach Coordinator and the founder of the PDUBZHighBevz brand, hosted a rousing game of Cannabis Bingo. Based on the traditional Mexican card game Loteria, this special version of Bingo was called “Motaria: The Original Marijuana Bingo” and included hand-painted cards, each design representing something significant from the cannabis industry. Created by Christopher Dominguez, Giovanny Garcia, and Christina Rodriguez from MOTARIA, the game got right to the heart of what Cannaware is all about - celebrating the roots of both community and plant.

Meanwhile culinary chemist Habanero Papi provided a wide array of video and board games to entertain those seeking to strengthen their hand-eye coordination. With additional giveaways from Chill Steel Pipes, Grand Rising Social Club, and of course Honeysuckle, the whole night of Elevated Vibes was in itself one enormous vibration in harmony.

What’s Next for Cannaware?

The Cannaware Platoon has a lot in store for canna-enthusiasts, including its next Elevated Vibes event this month. So come, join Cannaware as they put together another fun night full of networking, smoking, and meeting like-minded people on Friday, March 24th. Tickets are always free, but RSVP here to get your own gift bag!

The next Elevated Vibes happens on Friday, March 24, 2023 at Rise Radio, 57 Graham Avenue in Brooklyn, 6-11PM. For more about Cannaware and upcoming events, visit cannaware.org.

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Featured image: The Cannaware Platoon at Elevated Vibes in Brooklyn (C) Cannaware