It’s All Hallows Eve. You’ve been walking down the street. Gravel and crunch. You sense something. You turn around, but there’s nothing there. You pull your coat tighter. But you don’t stop shivering. Mist is heavy in the air. Webs cover all the fresh flowers. The church is abandoned. You go home, but warmth doesn’t await you there. You keep wondering about the flexibility of spines. You’re wondering if it’s time to watch “The Poltergeist.” Again. The fireplace won’t light. Your lips are black. The wine is deep, rich, and dark, like blood. You’re hungry for something. What’s missing?

Sweet release. 

 The innovative hemp-based edibles company Vital Leaf has charted new courses in the industry in more ways than one. Women-owned and committed to regenerative and fair trade practices, Vital Leaf also produces some of the most incredible hemp-infused chocolates in the business today. Founder and CEO Christina Sasser, an artisanal holistic chef and wellness educator, finds her connection to the Earth and community through sustenance. Vital Leaf is a combination of her passions for nutritional healing, food activism, flavors, love, and intentional living. 

Particularly, Sasser has helped distinguish her company in the competitive hemp and edibles markets by operating through a Plant Forward CBD™ approach. This methodology means that when formulating all products, Vital Leaf consciously selects, sources and pairs specific ingredients with infusion of CBD to maximize both the beneficial properties of the plant as well as the consumer’s enjoyment. Sasser and her team’s plant medicine knowledge is utilized to the fullest to source organic, ethical, fair trade, and regeneratively-grown components for every single item. 

 Vital Leaf’s products fall under the umbrella of Broad Spectrum hemp. Broad Spectrum is a particular extraction process that excludes THC-based cannabinoids (components of hemp that make up this spectrum), but is generally associated with CBD, a cannabinoid which has been found to produce healing effects similar to medical marijuana without the “high” of THC. 

 To find out more about CBD and how Vital Leaf’s mission is reflected in its products, we had to investigate with a taste test. 

 First things first: What ailments does CBD help treat?  

● Inflammation 

● Anxiety 

● Pain Relief 

● Migraines 

● Muscle/Joint Pain 

● Arthritis 

● Stress 

● Insomnia 

● In addition to the relief from anxiety, pain, inflammation, insomnia and stress, CBD is compatible with our Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS), which regulates homeostasis and countless physiological, biological and emotional health aspects. 

How do I dose CBD in Vital Leaf products? 

These chocolates came in 30mg packets. Depending on your regular dose, a good place to start is usually half the serving size. 15mg is a good beginning dose and not too strong, even if it is your first time. 

There is no possibility of overdosing on CBD, but there is a limit to how much your body can utilize at one time, essentially it is more wasteful than anything else. 

Our Review: Vital Leaf CBD Chocolate Bar Mini Variety Pack 

There are 3 flavors in the variety pack: Toasted Quinoa, Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, 30mg each, total 90mg. All are delicious! Each one tastes better than the last, though the Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt is definitely my favorite. These are perfect for an after-dinner snack or on-the-go CBD snack. 

The potency of the CBD was definitely effective. I absolutely ate the whole thing (30mg) and enjoyed every moment. Whole-heartedly recommend. If you’re a chocolate fan and love CBD or are curious about trying CBD-infused sweets for the first time, these are a wonderful melody of the two. 

What should you look for when shopping CBD? 

Certifications of Analysis (COAs) are documents that show a cannabis-derived product’s “score” through laboratory analysis for adulterants such as heavy metals, mold, pesticides, and other components. COAs, batch codes, and QR codes are ways for companies to provide third party lab results for their products, as well as date specific products to the batches they were made, in the event of inconsistencies. If you can’t find any of these codes or data for the products you’re looking at, start searching elsewhere. 

Also, keep an eye out for products that have multiple reviews. A greater number of reviews will likely tell you the different effects people are experiencing with these products, how strong the relief from the CBD oil might be, best times of day or night to use it, and other information that may help you with your own dosing. 

Why use Edibles vs. Topicals/Tinctures/Supplements? 

Edibles are great for long term purposes, similar to tinctures or supplements in regards to how quickly this takes effect 

(30mins – 1 hour), as well as how long it is effective (6 – 8 hours) 

Topicals are best for faster relief (1min-15mins) and effective (~2 hours) 

Why use Edibles vs. Topicals/Tinctures/Supplements? 

Edibles are great for long-term purposes, similar to tinctures or supplements in regard to how quickly they take effect (30 minutes-1 hour in the case of Vital Leaf’s chocolate), as well as how long the effects last (6-8 hours). 

Topicals are better for faster relief (taking effect within 1-15 minutes) but their effects often last less than 2 hours before another dose is needed. 

Where can you find Vital Leaf? 

You can find Vital Leaf products at and on Instagram @vital.leaf.