Most fairytales are actually nightmares. A girl in a red cape wanders through the woods. Somewhere, a wolf watches her and peels an apple. A girl with the skin of pearl sleeps. Seven dwarves laugh man maniacally and skip around a fire. Two children eat a hose of chemical sugar. The witch cackles. It’s almost dinnertime.

This Halloween, we delved into the dark underbelly of fairytales. Our music video, set to Rosetta Pebble‘s song “Go!”, is an eerie rendition of your favorite fables. Watch. Shiver. Enjoy. Don’t forget to vote and turn out the lights.



Director: Ronit Pinto

Director of Photography: Sam Long

Set Decorator: Sandhya Berk

Lights: Spoon, Jeff Urbanowitz

Actors and actresses: Gabrielle Rodriguez, Kathi J. Moore, Jonah Lane Moore, John Holbert, Maggie Lane-Moore and Lola

Hair: Louis Rayner

Makeup: Inese Chube