On the night of August 29th, entrepreneurs, policy-pushers, and cannabis enthusiasts came together at the Spleef Summer Soirée, a celebration of the cannabis industry and the trail-blazers that work to legalize and destigmatize the plant.

Spleef, co-founded by Mark and Mike, is a cannabis-minded company that hosts events for those who consume cannabis. They are also known for their product, as they sell tincture and infused goods. The Spleef Summer Soirée was just one of the many events that they organize in order to create a space for those that use cannabis in New York.


Complete with floor to ceiling glass windows and ornate furniture and lighting, The Mezzanine was the perfect home for the event. Throughout the night, those in attendance were treated to the wicked selection of tunes, courtesy of female DJ Miss Sabado; the audience was also able to watch an enrapturing live reggae performance from the New York band The Saturators. Party-goers were given various opportunities to engage in different activities: body painters worked on creating art on guests, the bar was open for alcoholic and infused beverages, a raffle contained cannabis-related paraphernalia from brands like Ghost Vape and MJ Arsenal, as well as jewelry from WeedWoreWhat, a virtual reality room that was open for all to try, and there was beautiful art for visitors to walk through and inspect, such as Kseniya Ovchinnikova’s striking installation named Interior Self.

All of these activities were extremely enticing, but arguably the most important aspect of the night was the energy between those in attendance and the vendors advocating for their brands. In an area sectioned off and called the Marketplace, brands such as Caffeine + Cannabinoids, Shoki, CUB3DNYC, Leaf + Wood, Popped NYC, The Green Room from Hoboken, and Mary Jane NYC were set up with their own tables and given the opportunity to speak passionately and openly about their experiences in the cannabis industry. Those at the Shoki table said that the name of their company was inspired by the African dance form of the same name, putting a personal touch on their product. Robert Pettit of Leaf + Wood designs modern cannabis paraphernalia, such as trays or display blocks from wood. He incorporates art into the cannabis industry in an effort to get rid of the negative stigma associated with cannabis in this country. The women-led organization, Popped NYC, specializes in the relaxing effects of CBD on bodily pain in the form of body butter, bath bombs, oral suspension, and vape cartridges. Those at the Popped NYC table allowed guests to sample their body butter formula and even provided a light massage on a place of pain or tension.


Amidst all the activities, speeches, and red-carpet style photoshoots, the Spleef Summer Soirée was more than just a fun time. The energy at the event was incredible, as one was able to truly observe the resilient spirit of the cannabis industry. Community bonds were further strengthened and new networks were created thanks to the work of Spleef. As the cannabis community said goodbye to Summer 2019 and all of its achievements and progress, we now look to the future and what exciting prospects lie ahead.

Angela Romanos is a staff editor for Honeysuckle Magazine. She is currently a second-year at New York University, pursuing her passions in sociology and economics. In her free time, Angela enjoys playing basketball, debating communism, and cooking vegetarian meals.You can follow her on Instagram at @AngelaRomanos