Mental Health Awareness


The Science of Happiness: A Journey Begins

Sam Long

I’m a miserable cunt. On my worst days I’m an asshole with a bad attitude, and on my best, an asshole with a smile and a quick wit. If I were to quantify my happiness, I’d peg it at 5.5. Whether 10is the best or the worst, 5.5 is pretty...

Welcome to The Eclectic Mind of Heather Gleason

Welcome to The Eclectic Mind of Heather Gleason

Moxie McMurder

New York based artist Heather Gleason creates Halloween inspired art all year round. Self taught, she paints the creepy and cute from our favorite time of year, Halloween, using high quality Acrylic and oil paints. Heather uses her artistry as a kind of therapy.

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