Her name is C

The victim was bribed by her mother with a radio to have sex with her stepfather.

She did not succumb to these offers. The concept was to cradle the radio as a highly valued  possession through the cleansing of ones self. There was no other choice for the victim than to take herself and the prized possession into a bath for their last moments together.

Her name is K

I wanted to make a piece that represented being plagued by nightmares. Being woken up by monsters in my past that now live in my head only to make an appearance once my eyes closed for the evening. For victims of extreme abuse, there is no safe zone, there is no place to hide from yourself. Not even sleep. Not under the blankets.  Nowhere. Each and every nightmare is confronted by the early mornings light. Sadly the battle is lost by the return of evening hours. And the cycle begins again.

**These pieces are a part of a much bigger project involving dark art known as the Jaded Jane Project. These pieces are based off the experience of extreme child abuse and child molestation.

All photography by Tracy Sydor; edits and Light Rob Sydor.