Honeysuckle is proud to present “Asians Across The Supply Chain: Profiles In AANHPI Cannabis,” in partnership with Dutchie! Through this final week of AANHPI Month, we will be introducing you to cannabis industry stakeholders who are building the foundation for this evolving space and pioneering the brands that serve the ecosystem as a whole. These professionals come from all across the cannabis supply chain, proving that each sector functions in tandem to build an inclusive, expansive and growing industry.

Meet Sean Phan, co-founder and Creative Director of Lettuce Print

What Is Lettuce Print?

Based in Brooklyn, Lettuce Print is a full-service print and design firm that specializes in helping brands grow. The company is run by brothers Steven and Sean Phan, who are longtime advocates and pioneering entrepreneurs in New York cannabis. 

(C) Lettuce Print

Sean Phan Talks AANHPI Heritage, Creativity, And Bridging Gaps For The Asian Community In Cannabis

HONEYSUCKLE MAGAZINE: How would you describe your mission in the cannabis space?

SEAN PHAN: I’m a co-founder and designer at Lettuce Print, a design and print agency catering but not limited to the cannabis space. I specialize in designing strong brand identities that bridge the gap between legacy and corporate visual styles. For the past several years I've been around the New York cannabis community, helping build Come Back Daily, NYC’s #1 CBD Retailer in 2019 [among other projects].

What’s your connection to your heritage?

I'm a first-generation Chinese-Viet American from the Bay Area, so one can assume how my parents feel about cannabis. Despite catching me with weed on a few occasions, my parents supported my decision to pursue a creative career, and for that, I will continue to show them that I can consume and still be a successful individual.

What advice do you have for Asians looking to enter the cannabis industry?

Some advice I have for Asians entering the cannabis space is to immerse yourself in the culture and history of cannabis. You should have some level of passion and understanding of cannabis to succeed in the industry, because the demographic of users is so diverse, which is also the beauty of the cannabis space.

The stigma is still real. What is something you wish the Asian community knew about the cannabis industry?

I would want the Asian community to understand and challenge the negative stigmas of cannabis. While cannabis can make someone relaxed and “lazy,” there are a bunch of consumers who are also successful in their careers. Cannabis works differently with every person, so find out what works for you. At the end of the day, you can't deny that cannabis is a medicine.

For more information about Lettuce Print, visit lettuceprint.com.

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