Honeysuckle is proud to present “Asians Across The Supply Chain: Profiles In AANHPI Cannabis,” in partnership with Dutchie! Through this final week of AANHPI Month, we will be introducing you to cannabis industry stakeholders who are building the foundation for this evolving space and pioneering the brands that serve the ecosystem as a whole. These professionals come from all across the cannabis supply chain, proving that each sector functions in tandem to build an inclusive, expansive and growing industry.

Meet Christopher Louie, co-owner of cannabis lifestyle brand Made In Xiaolin.

What Is Made In Xiaolin?

Welcome to Xiaolin: Where creativity and integrity unite! Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Evergreen, Colorado, Made In Xiaolin is dedicated to crafting exceptional cannabis products and experiences. Created by Christopher Louie and his wife, Chongsi, the lifestyle brand is known for its array of the finest infused and hand rolled cannagars, joints, and smoking accessories

Who Is Christopher Louie?

Born in Brooklyn and raised on Staten Island, New York, Christopher Louie has been a figure in the cannabis industry since 1996, initially operating in the legacy market. His journey took a turn in 2002 when he was incarcerated on Rikers Island, followed by a life-altering event in 2003 when he was shot in the back, leading him to explore cannabis for pain management. A practitioner of Shaolin Kung Fu, Christopher embodies discipline and resilience, which he brings to his entrepreneurial ventures.

In 2015, he and Chongsi made a pivotal move to Colorado, where they eventually founded Made In Xiaolin. For 2024, they have expanded the brand into New York, marking yet another milestone in Christopher’s entrepreneurial journey.

See Christopher Louie At New York’s 2024 CWCBExpo

Christopher will be speaking at the 2024 Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo (CWCBExpo) at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City on Thursday, June 6th. He will be a panelist during the session “Journey To Legitimacy: The OGs and OQs of Cannabis,” which presents perspectives from the influential men and women who have transitioned from the legacy to legal market. 

CWCBExpo 2024 takes place June 5-6, 2024. For tickets to the expo and its official conference programming, visit cwcbexpo.com. You can also catch Honeysuckle founder Ronit Pinto speaking at the expo; use promo code RONIT24 for a discount on tickets.

Christopher Louie (C) Made In Xiaolin

Christopher Louie On The Asian Community And The Cannabis Industry

HONEYSUCKLE MAGAZINE: What is your heritage?


What advice do you have for Asians looking to enter the cannabis industry?

My advice for Asians looking to enter the cannabis industry is simple: passion and dedication matter more than ethnicity. If you have a genuine love for cannabis and a drive to succeed in this industry, don't let anything hold you back. Embrace your passion, educate yourself, network with others in the industry, and pursue your goals with determination. The cannabis industry is diverse and welcoming, and there are countless opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and follow their dreams.

The stigma is still real. What is something you wish the Asian community knew about the cannabis industry?

I wish the Asian community knew just how beneficial cannabis can be for improving quality of life. Despite lingering stigma, cannabis has been shown to offer relief for a wide range of medical conditions, from chronic pain to anxiety and beyond. It can enhance relaxation, promote creativity, and even aid in spiritual practices. By understanding the potential benefits of cannabis, the Asian community can open up to new possibilities for health, wellness, and personal growth.

For more information about Made In Xiaolin, visit madeinxiaolin.com

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Featured image: Christopher Louie (C) Made In Xiaolin