Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is everywhere. From healthcare to education, finance and transportation, there is no denying the usefulness of its implementation, one that has and is changing every aspect of daily life.

More Women in Artificial Intelligence: Creating an Equitable Tech Workspace

As advances in the field continue, it is more important than ever to ensure that companies in a position of power implement an equitable and non-discriminatory workspace for their employees – women included. In addition, because of the industry's forecasted longevity, tech leaders are responsible for setting an example and setting the tone regarding diversity.

Currently, numbers show that the representation of women in the workforce is significantly lower than men. The gender gap in AI is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed by policymakers, business leaders, and the industry.

According to a 2020 report by the World Economic Forum, women make up only 22 percent of the AI workforce. The underrepresentation of women in AI is a significant issue, as AI algorithms are shaping our world and have the potential to perpetuate biases and inequalities. Brings Employment Equality to Artificial Intelligence

With its new discoveries and advances that aim to improve human lives, the future must focus on every aspect of humanity, not just technology. Women in STEM are a powerhouse in their own right and deserve recognition for the ideas they bring to the table., a part of Foxit Software, a leading global provider of PDF solutions serving over 200 clients worldwide, is an example of a company that ensures equality at all management levels and provides a unique document management process. They believe that an enterprise’s success lies in the individual efforts of its employees – all of whom wholeheartedly believe in its mission.

“At our goal is to provide our customers with advanced AI-powered cost-effective solutions to meet document compliance mandates at fraction of the time,” said Alisa Fetic, who started as a marketing director and now heads developer relations as Senior Director.

The push for the visibility of women in their business significantly contributes to diminishing the gender gap and has the opportunity to create an environment where discrimination, harassment and isolation in the workplace won’t be accepted.

How Does Employment Equality Benefit the Artificial Intelligence and STEM Sectors?

When executives accurately mirror the reality of society, i.e., seeing women in higher positions, businesses can avoid the high turnover rates and a lack of career growth opportunities that deter talent away.

Profit does not have to come at the cost of unequal representation.

Creating Diversity, Inclusion, and Opportunities for Women in STEM

Creating a more inclusive AI industry that provides equal opportunities for women to succeed is essential. The AI industry has the potential to transform the world and drive economic growth, but this cannot be achieved without addressing the gender gap. Women have valuable contributions to make to the AI industry, and it is essential to provide them with equal opportunities to succeed. By promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and investing in education and training for women in STEM fields, a more innovative and diverse area can take place and benefit everyone.

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