King Of Cups Reversed

This month brings out the waterworks. Emotions are leading the way - and they might get you lost too. You'll need to touch the ground if you want to avoid getting swept away by your feelings. Other people may also be in the same boat. If everyone is in a sensitive mood, it's too easy for the drama to escalate. Boundaries could also become blurry as some folks seem unable to accept no for an answer. It's a lot to handle, but the firmer you are, the less likely you'll be pulled into toxic situations.

Romance could be downright weird this month. Wishy-washy vibes are present, which could lead to mixed signals and hurt feelings. If you don't like the way things are going or if you don't share the same passion, be straightforward. Of course, if someone is ghosting you or playing head games, call them on it and bid them adieu. There are plenty of delicious fish in the sea - why waste your energy on chum?


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Featured image: King of Cups Reversed (C) Inspirational Tarot @inspirationaltarot, courtesy of Keen Tarot @keenpsychics