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  1. Is Ashley camera shy or just prefer to remain visually anonymous?

    Either way, love both Ashley and April and all they do. I was raised in upstate NY and Connecticut, but when I was in college, I’d take train to NYC and like April, walk through Times Square filled with curiousity about these theatres and these movies. As a movie buff from childhood, exposing myself (so to speak) to adult film was a necessary part of my film education and yes, I was one of those oddballs who looked for story and acting over the sex. Thankfully, directors like Chuck Vincent, Gerard Damiano, Henri Pachard, Anthony Spinelli and Radley Metzger as well as actors like Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Samantha Fox, Kelly Nichols, Eric Edwards and especially my all-time favorites, Georgina Spelvin, Veronica Hart and Richard Pacheco, proved to me that porn and talent were not words that were mutually exclusive.

    This little video was awesome. My only criticism? I wish it was longer!

  2. Love THE RIALTO REPORT! Have done my all to support Ashley and April in their efforts to apply their unique documentary skills to a wonderful cultural phenomenon, both East Coast and West. They just get better and better! My best, Howie Gordon . . . aka the ghost of Richard Pacheco

  3. As a producer/director of some of those forgotten films (The poster for Hot Ven around the 4 min mark is one of mine) I just want to say that April and Ashley are doing a great service with The Rialto Report. In years to come the Rialto Report will stand as the basis of the complete History of adult films

  4. Be in the Know….follow the Rialto Report….April and Ashley do a Wondeful job investigating and reporting what we all want to know… Cheers to the Rialto Repor…..Mikey in Philly

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