Queenee Da Kanna Kritic is a content creator, podcast host, brand educator, and canna-mom who devotes herself to advocacy around cannabis for healing and uplifting other women. A constant presence across all social media platforms and host of the Live With The Queenee interview series, Queenee also has House of Queenee, a versatile dab bar that is fully electronic while still using glass and bangers. She is one of the brand educators for MFNY; a licensed cultivation brand in the Hudson Valley. Additionally, Queenee is an ambassador for several brands such as Royal Highness Infusions, DabbingSupplies.com, Puffco, TribeTokes, Blazy Susan, Work N Roll and Terporium, to name a few.

As a connoisseur of all things plant-based, the savvy investigator is discovering the products, people, and happenings in the New York space that consumers need to know about. From secrets of the legacy market to time-tested hidden gems to the hottest items hitting the scene, you’ll find your new obsessions in Queenee’s Korner.

Queenee Da Kanna Kritic with Cuban Black Haze NY Legacy from White Boy Kev / La Marina Boyz. (C) Queenee Da Kanna Kritic @queeneedakritic

#1 Best Haze Strain: Cuban Black Haze NY Legacy, White Boy Kev / La Marina Boyz

The Best Haze and only haze that works in managing my ADHD/autism in that it helps calm my racing thoughts and allows me to focus. It is uplifting, energizing and also helps with my creativity. This beautiful plant has been grown by White Boy Kev since the early 90s and has the classic haze smell and taste. It is earthy with a slight citrus nose. It's the only Haze on the Queenee-approved list because it's the only sativa strain that doesn't give me that heart racing feeling.

So Lah Tea (C) Queenee Da Kanna Kritic @queeneedakritic

#2 Best Infused Tea: So Lah Tea 

So Lah Tea is a New York Legacy Staple. These crafted teas are handmade and can be served infused or non-infused. It is made with organic ingredients with the intention of healing not only the body, but also the mind and soul. Her honey is always infused with Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). I was impressed with her use of RSO honey because RSO has anti-inflammatory properties. I have used her RSO during my endometriosis flareups because I find that it helps calm my pelvic muscles.

My favorite cold flavored tea from So Lah is any flavor that has mango in it. I find her mango tea is always refreshing and hydrating. My favorite hot tea is Yerba Mate, which has properties that reduce inflammation and help heal your gut. I love her Yerba Mate so much that one day I will replace my coffee with it. One of the many reasons I love So Lah is her ability to pair her tea flavors with terpenes. 

Puffco Peak Pro and Proxy (C) Queenee Da Kanna Kritic @queeneedakritic

#3 Best Dab Device: Puffco Peak Pro/Proxy 

The Puffco Peak Pro and Proxy devices completely changed my hash game. I carry my emotional support Puffco everywhere I go, and honestly it has allowed me to expand my ability to medicate when I am outside and that allows me to stay functional and on my Queenee game. It hasn't been easy as a dabber to explain why I love hash and dabbing so much, so walking around with my Puffco has started conversations that needed to be had.

My House of Queenee Dab Bar has birthed many dabbers and my Puffco has been the vessel to do so. It's sleek, sexy, easy to clean and can be upgraded with personalized glass pieces. It costs $420, but a traditional rig can cost the same if not more and can only be used at home or at spaces that allow torches. Meanwhile, an electronic rig like those from Puffco is looked at as a vaping device and is torchless. One of the major pluses of the Puffco Peak Pro is its 3DXL Chamber. The new chamber is a deeper bucket and that means bigger globs; bigger globs give bigger clouds and even tastier terps!

Shout out to Puffco and the Puffco fam for making me feel seen and heard.

Queenee tries the Itza Glass Hash Bell (C) Queenee Da Kanna Kritic @queeneedakritic

#4 Best Glass Art: Joe Itza Glass, Itza Glass And The Hash Bell

Ring in the flavor with a delightful hash bell melody!  Designed and created by Sean “Layer Cake” Sullivan and manufactured by Itza Glass in Long Island, New York, the Hash Bell (distributed exclusively by Rolling Stoned) is designed to consume hash plant matter using heat to create a vapor and then consumed through a hole at the top of the bell (see picture above). The difference between dabbing and the Hash Bell is that when you dab, you are consuming the plant after it has been processed into its concentrated form and then used in a traditional rig or electronic rig.

Joe Itza also creates both amazing glass art pieces and functional glass pieces. I have had the privilege of getting a lot of my glass education through my conversations with Joe himself. When you learn how to dab from a glass blower's perspective, it is very different than learning from the homies in the trap. One of the biggest lessons that I have learned from Joe is how to save my banger from chazzing, which means the accumulation of burnt-on resin that messes with the taste of terps (but more on that in my next favorite five).

The Terporium Silicone Dab Mat (C) Queenee Da Kanna Kritic @queeneedakritic

#5 Best Dabbing Accessory: Terporium Silicone Dab Mat

These silicone mats actually save your glass and glass accessories from slipping off your table. My Terporium Silicone Dab Mat has successfully saved two rigs that are worth over $2,000 during one of my dab sessions. It sticks to a cleaned surface and has a nice vacuum seal that doesn't allow it to move. The silicone top also allows your glass pieces and jars to adhere to the mat so that nothing is slipping or moving around. Every dabber has experienced marbles popping off the banger and rolling onto the table to the floor; well, with this item, the marble landed straight onto the mat and stayed stuck, saving me from having to run all over the floor trying to catch a hot marble. The mat costs $12, but it is seriously worth it. Think of how much you would save in broken glass pieces. 

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