Ah, the land of rolling vineyards and seductive grapes, where every swirl of the glass is an invitation to indulge your senses. But hold onto your corkscrews, folks, because Northern California's wine country isn't just about uncorking bottles and raising pinkies. It's time to unveil the true pairing that elevates your experience from "good wine" to "damn, that's good." Welcome to the realm of grapes and grass as we highlight some of the best epicurean experiences. 

How Does Northern California's Wine Country Embrace Cannabis Culture?

Sashay into Napa like a rockstar in a sleek limo, painting the town ganja-green as you soak in the landscapes that sparkle brighter than a top-shelf bong. With Michelin stars and ratings that rival the highest THC percentages, this is where luxury meets ganja-laden opulence.

Slide down a dirt road in Sonoma like a stealthy cannabis explorer, channeling the easy vibe of a smoky outdoor patio. Here, inexpensive tastings flow like the smoothest of sativas, embracing you in an embrace that's cozy, unpretentious, and high-vibe all the way.

Either way, get ready for endless rows of meticulously tended vines stretching under the sun, a symphony of flavors dancing on your palate, and now, a whisper of something a tad more illicit lingering in the air. If you thought the art of pairing wine with food was an aphrodisiac for your taste buds, wait until you discover the symphony that unfurls when wine mingles with the choicest strains of cannabis. This isn't just about sipping and swirling; it's about an experience that'll make your heart race faster than a sommelier sprinting to save a vintage bottle from toppling.

(C) Abide Napa

What Are The Best Cannabis Dispensaries In Northern California's Wine Country?

Northern California's wine country, the playground for the true cannabis connoisseur, beckons with its intoxicating blend of terroir and terpenes. It's not just about getting high; it's about elevating your senses to heights that even the steepest vineyard slope can't match. Here are a few of our favorite dispensaries we uncovered through our journey from Napa’s established Silverado Trail to the laid-back world of the Russian River, all offering a symphony of strains to complement your Cabernet and amplify your Zinfandel.

(C) Abide Napa

Abide Napa

1963 Iroquois St, Napa, CA  94559


If you like music, Abide Napa is likely the one that will grab your ear. Founded by Micah Malan, the man behind some of Wine Country’s most well-known music festivals, and his three partners, this dispensary positions itself as the ultimate conductor of cannabis symphonies. As the self-proclaimed original Napa Valley Cannabis Sommeliers, Abide decodes the intricate medical notes, terroir stories, and terpene harmonies that dance within each strain and product to find the perfect fit for consumers. From first puff to final exhale, this is a retail experience focused on making sure every session is a sensory masterpiece that enriches, enlightens, and elevates.

(C) Velvet Cannabis

Velvet Cannabis Napa

2449 2nd St, Napa, CA  94559


Not more than a stone’s throw from the sun-kissed vineyards of some of the most venerated wine purveyors, Velvet Cannabis isn’t just sharing joints – it is delivering a remarkably intuitive cannabis shopping experience fit for lifelong aficionados, medical users, and those simply curious about the canna-craze. With a focus on world-class selections, Velvet Cannabis lands its product assortment squarely in the spaces where quality meets curiosity with an eye on making every toke a voyage into the lavish lap of green enveloping consumers in a softer side of cannabis products that are always approachable and most definitely shoppable.

(C) Herbivore Napa

Herbivore Napa

709 California Blvd, Napa, CA  94559


Nestled just off the highway in the intoxicating embrace of Napa’s historic district, Herbivore is more than just a purveyor of greens, it is cultivating an unbridled “soil-to-guest” affair that’ll make even the most seasoned vintners blush. With a terpene-rich twist on Napa’s revered craft, Herbivore is the bud-tastic symphony that shows the world how to truly play in wine country’s aromatic sandbox. With a shopping experience that feels more akin to shopping at Gucci than your general store for weed, the space boasts a unique outdoor consumption experience focused on intention and aromatic rich novel cannabinoids and other functionals that deliver a unique flower powered tasting experience perfect for Napa.

(C) SPARC Sonoma

SPARC Sonoma

19315 Sonoma Hwy, Sonoma, CA  95476


Just like Sonoma’s laid-back wine culture, SPARC Sonoma embraces the art of unhurried indulgence, infusing California’s cherished cannabis scene with a dose of that small town and small batch styled charm. Exceedingly shoppable with a charmingly knowledgeable staff, this is a shop where mellow vibes and top-tier strains collide only serving to prove that Sonoma County’s relaxed magic isn’t just for grape lovers – it’s for ganja enthusiasts too. Pro Tip: No trip is complete to SPARC without an order of quesabirria from Tacos Costa right next door.

(C) In The Tree Apothecary

In The Tree Apothecary

10665 River Rd, Forestville, CA  95436


Tucked away from Napa’s heady aura in the always approachable Russian River, we got a preview of the soon to open In The Tree Apothecary where founders Brian and Dylan Ohm are serving up curated cannabis with a high-touch finesse that’s more like having a personal Michelin-starred chef whip up magic just for you. From harmonic wellness to cannabis therapeutics, this not-to-be missed shop is not just in the business of getting you high; In The Tree blends the recreational and medicinal sides of the flower power to deliver personalized wellness that’ll make you feel as special as one of Wine Country’s most prized vintages.

(C) Solful

Solful Sebastopol

785 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol, CA  95472


As the Bi-Rite (or Fairway for you East Coasters) of bud in California’s wine-soaked haven, Solful curates elevated encounters that’ll leave you higher than a vineyard hilltop. With an artful blend of cannabis and class, this is where intentional indulgence meets the intoxicating embrace of Sebastopol’s green embrace. Brothers Eli and Noah curate a unique selection focused on craft cannabis that celebrates the best of sungrown flower in all its forms drawn from the greater community in the same way wine purveyors assemble carefully curated portfolios. Don’t sleep on their exclusive offerings including this year’s award winners from Sonoma Hills Farm.

(C) JANE Dispensary

Jane Dispensary Cotati

8145 Gravenstein Hwy, Cotati, CA  94931


Nestled in Sonoma County just alongside the highway, Jane is serving up a tasteful blend of green delights that do more than raise eyebrows, they raise the bar. The store’s carefully curated lineup is focused less on sativas and indicas and more on shoppable experiences that pair perfectly with the greater Wine Country’s finest. This spot is a go-to for a cannabis experience that’s in need of the full farm to table experience with the local favorite Acre Pizza right next door. Talk about a dynamic duo of the dank.

(C) Solful

What's Next For Your Wine Country And Cannabis Adventure?

So, whether you're a sommelier seeking a different kind of "high" art or an aspiring cannabis enthusiast looking to cultivate your palate, grab your favorite wine glass, find that perfect joint, and let's navigate the fertile landscape of wine country like never before. Uncork the adventure, inhale the possibilities, and remember, as the vines sway and the cannabis blooms, there's a symphony of pleasure waiting to be composed in the heart of Northern California's terpenic haven.

*A version of this article originally appeared in Honeysuckle's 17th print edition, featuring Havoc of Mobb Deep. Get your copy now at dispensaries nationwide or click here to order!


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During his time with MINA, Wall oversaw branding and market adoption for 45+ different worldwide locations across 10 brands delivering $220M+ in annual revenues. Prior to MINA, he served as Creative Director at JAKE, where he managed a lifecycle of four seasonal product lines, as well as developing a unique custom operation that could operate at scale to deliver $10M+ in annual revenues and secure a successful exit for stakeholders. He has been profiled in publications including BizBash, Inc.com, SF Chronicle, WWD, Marie Claire, and Huffington Post.

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