The gang is back at it again, literally and figuratively, with the release of the third season of Netflix’s On My Block.

The teen series created by Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft follows a group of neighborhood young adults dealing with life, gangs and everything in between. Season 3 opens with a kidnapping and a mission; find gang leader Lil’ Ricky. Through the 8 episode season, each personality adds a lighthearted comedic undertone that leaves the audience rooting for each character’s storyline.

The opener to the season introduces the crew to the leader of the Santos, Stacy “Cuchillos” Jaramillo (Ada Luz Pla), who has reason to believe gang leader from the 80s RollerWorld heist, Lil Ricky, is still alive. Now aside from dealing with family, high school, and growing up with South Central, LA, the group is sent on a cat-and-mouse chase around Freeridge for the infamous Lil Ricky.

Another feature that made Season 3 a hit was the deepening of each character’s inner turmoil and history. We learn a lot more about Jasmine and Cesar’s brother Oscar, also known as Spooky (Julio Macias) and Monse’s (Sierra Capri) relationship with her mother. Picking right up from season 2, Rudy realizes the long term effects of Quinceanera and finds a close friendship with the bold and funny, Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia). Cesar (Diego Tinoco) continues to struggle with the hardship of his lifestyle and Jamal (Brett Gray) finally embarks on a romantic relationship.

Season 3 of On My Block maintains the fresh, funny and relatedness of diversity in the 21st century. The writing is great, storylines are dynamic and do an excellent job of showing diversity through race, culture, and age. A mixture of comedy, drama, and expanding interpersonal relationships shows just how dynamic a group of teenagers can relate to all audiences. During this time of Quarantine and Chill, be sure to check out seasons 1-3 on Netflix.