Cecilia Leigh Howard

What to look for when shopping for CBD?

  1. There are COA’s (Certification of Analysis) results from a 3rd party lab test to prove the contents of the product has exactly what they claim.

  2. Barcode/ QR codes these typical link from product to COA’s that are held remotely, online & accessible by using your phone

  3. Batch codes are companies’ itemizing systems for being able to trace each batch of product to when it was made.

  4. Reviews! I understand wanting to support small businesses & you still should, just do a little research, if the company name doesn’t come up in the first few pages of Google, you don’t know them personally or anyone who has recommended it. Probably better safe than sorry.

What does Full Spectrum mean?

CBD is a cannabinoid, which is extracted from hemp.

Full Spectrum comes from whole plant hemp extract which translates to a full spectrum of cannabinoids, meaning there are additional cannabinoids to CBD, which have benefits of their own.

*This enhanced beneficial factor is known as “The Entourage Effect.”

How to dose?

  1. Dosing is subjective & can take some time to find, better to start small, then work your way up.

  2. It depends on height, weight & level of relief.

  3. The benefit of dosing provides a standard in the marketplace, when you find a good dose (ex. 25mg) regardless of what product you use, that should remain the same (can vary with chronic pain).

The dose guide on ACBDRemedy’s bottle is great, that will benefit beginners & help them feel more comfortable.

*There are no adverse effects to taking too much CBD, essentially it’s just wasteful to take more than your body can utilize at one time.

Flavor? Potency? Effectiveness?

This tincture has a great flavor, pretty mild, not “hempy” or earthy at all, as most full spectrum tinctures tend to be, in my opinion, of course.

The potency is 50mg/ml which is a great dose, better to need less material.

Definitely effective at addressing pain, inflammation, anxiety, nausea, migraines & sleep. Very happy with this product!

\Where can you find this?

Come Back Daily @comebackdaily & on their website acbdremedy.com

Cecilia Leigh Howard

NY MMJP, SAG-AFTRA actress & cannabis advocate, working in cannabis for 5 years all over North America, budtending, trimming or cultivating.

She is a writer, copyeditor & social media contributor for the Honey Pot by Honeysuckle Magazine.

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