Maggie woke up early Wednesday morning to see online voter’s reactions to the election results. Frustrated with the anger and the blame she witnessed, this is what she wrote: Good Morning-Please stop!Please stop blaming independents and swing voters and those that chose not to vote for any of the bullshit- they have every right to vote the way they want.Please stop gloating that a very dangerous man has been elected.So many of us on either side were not happy to vote for either one when we cast our vote.Making a scapegoat is a pu**y move to try and absolve yourselves of responsibility for the state of our country and EXACTLY what they want.We have a lot of work to do and I am going to start today.Penetrating the collective conscious is imperative, refusing to be bought and dumbed down and controlled is more important than ever.Let’s educate ourselves and others, let’s use social media as an alternative to major media, let’s get to know our neighbors, let’s eat better, let’s take care of ourselves and our spaces, let’s stop blaming something or someone else, let’s teach the children how to act right and not like whiny, hateful, entitled people.This election is symbolic of fear, anger and subsequent hate being the ruling force in America and I can guarantee youEVERY SINGLE ONE OF US IS TO BLAME. Maggie Derthick lives near Detroit. She is a mom, founder of music production house,   a u x e t i c Detroit, and founder of Girls Gone Vinyl, a documentary about female DJs  from around the world faring in the male dominated industry.