Raquel Hollatz grow up in Santa Catarina State in South Brazil. The CEO of new cargo app, Nesys, she began her journey in business management after finishing high school at the age of 18.  She got her graduates in foreign trade and went on to work twelve years in the foreign trade area. With years of experience in this industry as a buyer, she acquired some managements projects for importing and exporting in the Brazilian, Chinese and American markets, living in China for a time.

What was the impetus in starting Nesys? The idea for Nesys came from my own need. With cargo theft not recorded on the market, there was no ability to track container for a long time. So I had the urge to create my startup.We connect talent and technology to the shipping industry providing the world’s most innovative ship-tech resources and customers can check their cargo around the world, 24/7.What Have Been some of your biggest challenges?My first challenge was moving from Brazil just to Develop my Startup here in NYC.  The next challenge will be to enter the tracker around the world as something necessary and essential for every shipment.What do you hope to Achieve?The main goal is to become global and then assist in security by reducing cargo theft in the World Cenarion.  Helping companies and government to have more security in loading and ability to manage the supply chain with greater agility.What have you Gained, or not Gained, from 2020 in helping Achieve some of your goals?So far, we haven’t had any great advances, but with good expectations that next week we will have a key breakthrough for the startup be on the market. **Nesys is committed in improving society. A portion of profits will go to schools to promote responsible and creative entrepreneurial ideas while providing a better future for children. They also plan to invest in social programs that provide clean water to impoverished or dry areas.Contact Nesys at:www.nesys.coraquelh@nesys.co