A new PAX line of pods offers full flower, high quality and potency at unmatched price.

PAX, a leading global cannabis brand known for its award-winning technology, today announced the launch of PAX Live Rosin pods for use with its PAX® Era™ devices. This launch builds on PAX’s legacy of enduring quality and over a decade of pioneering innovation as it expands into the consumables space.

PAX Devices

PAX devices are considered to be the best vaporizers on the market. The PAX Era devices are made for the on-the-go consumer, designed to be portable and compact while featuring extended battery life. While these PAX devices work well with any flavor pod, the PAX Live Rosin pods are sure to deliver the ultimate in a full flower, high-potency experience.

Where Will PAX Live Rosin Be Available?

Available in California, with plans to scale to additional states in 2022, PAX’s fresh pressed Live Rosin delivers a pure, chemical free experience, with no harmful solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, or combustion byproducts.


What Is PAX Live Rosin?

PAX’s solventless Live Rosin begins with the highest grade cannabis flower, sourced from leading local California farms, fresh frozen at the peak of harvest. A proprietary, first-of-its-kind process delivers high-efficiency extraction without any harsh chemical solvents, enabling disruptive value for consumers. Using innovations in formulation science, PAX Live Rosin is crafted to preserve all the natural major and minor cannabinoids and the complete expression of terpenes to bring the best out of the flower. PAX’s Live Rosin is 100 percent cannabis — nothing added, nothing removed. Natural diamonds, a purified liquid form of THCA, allows for enhanced potency and a perfectly balanced, full flower experience.

What Is the PAX Team Saying About Live Rosin Pods?

“Our products continue to set the highest standard in creating exceptionally pure cannabis experiences. Launching our own line of premium PAX Era pods was the right next step in answering consumer needs,” said Steven Jung, COO of PAX. “We’ve spent a lot of time innovating on this product and developing unique solventless processes to deliver a clean, full flower experience—one we know both our customers and value-driven consumers will love.”

The award-winning PAX Era platform uses patented low heat technology, to ensure consistency from start to finish of every pod. PAX Era pods are made with food grade materials and tested to medical standards, certified free from harmful heavy metals, toxins and contaminants.

PAX’s Live Rosin will feature 11 seasonal, small-batch strains, including both timeless favorites like Blue Dream and Pineapple Express, and creative contemporary cultivars such as Tahoe Rose and Wifi Mints. Pods will be available in .5G and PAX’s new 1G, featuring a ceramic atomizer for increased consistency and temperature control.

Tahoe Rose: Inside a Special PAX Live Rosin

The Tahoe Rose PAX Live Rosin is particularly special. It's an indica cross of Tahoe OG (or Tahoe OG Kush) and Rose Bud. Classic OG lovers will look forward to the earthy heritage taste from the Tahoe OG, while the Rose Bud, known for its dense node clusters, adds a distinct and complex rose aroma. This combination results in a mineral taste with splashes of floral gas and citrus, and produces an emanating calm. This strain is rich in myrcene, a terpene found in plants like hops and herbs like lemongrass and thyme, and tends to give off earthy fruit-forward flavors. Herbal medicine has a long history of using myrcene-rich plants for relaxation.


How Long Do PAX Era Pods Last?

It depends on your vaping habits, but the PAX Era pods are designed for longevity. One PAX Era pod can typically be used for two weeks at a medium temperature with a moderate amount of draws. If you're not a daily consumer, it can last for three to four weeks. However, heavy vapers who like to use their pods at high temperatures may need to use one every few days.

Because the Live Rosin pods come with their ceramic atomizer for temperature control, your best bet is to keep the device at medium temperature. This will ensure you get the full flavors and potency of the flower, and the optimum overall vaping experience.

How Long Does the PAX Era Battery Last?

People frequently want to know about PAX's long-lasting battery. Many longtime cannabis consumers have reported that the battery on their PAX devices lasts longer and through more vaping sessions than any other device they've used. According to the PAX team, the PAX Era will support approximately 200 draws. That's a lot of flavorful, high-potency sessions! You'll know it's time to recharge your device when the red light blinks.


Where Can I Buy PAX Era Pods with Live Rosin?

Starting at $35 (.5G) and $55 (1G), pods are available in dispensaries across California. You can also find pods and other PAX Era devices on pax.com or at licensed retailers.


You can also customize your experience with PAX Live Rosin and PAX devices through the PAX App, available for both Android and iPhone. Check it out here to begin setting your preferred dose, find your perfect pod, verify pod ingredients, and even customize your flavor and vapor settings. There is nothing for the cannabis experience that PAX can't do!